Democrats Claim Montana is ‘Built on White Supremacy’ Because We Own Guns


Don Pogreba’s Montana Post, which is the defacto blog of the Montana Democratic Party, ran an article today claiming that Montana, like the rest of America, ‘is built on white supremacy and white privilege.’ Pogreba, who is paid by public tax dollars to corrupt young minds in the Helena School District, bills his website as “Progressive Politics from the Big Sky State.” And boy, do liberals hate Montana – even and especially the ones who live here.

The article, written by MacKenzie Dexter (left) was a former student of Pogreba’s and currently resides in Washington State, according to her Facebook profile. But, she makes time to still cast shade at the state that never had legalized slavery, overturned segregation in 1883, who upheld the 1875 Civil Rights Act in its courts, who held “National Emancipation Day” since 1884, whose (now) capitol city elected the first black mayor in 1873, who elected the first female senator in the United States in 1917, and whose two senators (Metcalf and Mansfield) were pivotal in passing the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

These are all facts that Ms. Dexter would know if her mind had not been rotted by the self-loathing Critical Theory pumped into her brain by the public school system.

Dexter writes in Democrat blog, “America has always had racism, but the summer of 2020 is a pinnacle moment in the fight for equality and anti-racism*. All around the country and at all levels of government, the fight against police brutality continues. For those missing the point of the Black Lives Matter movement and supporting All Lives Matter, what they fail to understand is the unique threat to the lives of people of color in our country. Many believe that racism no longer exists because we’ve had more people of color in government and a Black president. Despite this belief, one thing that is clear and unarguable is that racism and white privilege exists, and Montana is an example.”

Of course, Ms. Dexter makes no attempt to prove empirically that “people of color” are at a statically higher rate of violence from the police because Cultural Marxism rests upon conjecture, anecdotal accounts, and story-telling (this tenet of Critical Theory is originally derived from Third Wave feminism, and holds that in the absence of evidence, personal accounts of injustices are sufficient to prove systemic injustice). Facts, as we have been told, are racist.

But it would be excellent, when impugning a state built by the sweat equity of whites, blacks, Asians, and the Indigenous alike (all of whom with equally substantial proportions of poverty), to demonstrate it with some kind of evidential support that the miners, ranchers, farmers, and military personnel who made Montana great were “white supremacists.”

Dexter attempts this endeavor, but her attempts fall short of coherence. Her evidence for systemic white supremacy in the Big Sky State? Guns.

Yes, guns.

She writes, “An example of white privilege that is apparent in the state is guns. For many Montanans, guns are a part of the state’s culture and are owned by many who champion their Second Amendment rights. However, it can be argued that the Second Amendment only applies to white lives.”

Apparently the reality that black people can own firearms in Montana and there has never been a civil rights lawsuit alleging otherwise is impertinent to Dexter’s claims. Twenty-four percent of black men own a gun in America, only 9 percentage points lower than their white neighbors. However, this number is probably skewed greatly in Montana, because rural Americans own guns at a rate twenty-seven percent higher than their urban peers, and all Montana is classified as “rural” based upon population standards. But most importantly, there is no local, state, or federal law that would prevent black people from owning firearms as liberally as whites, and the disparity between the two is most likely do blacks being sixty-seven percent more likely to live in urban areas.

Meanwhile, black people are far more likely to use a firearm in self-defense than their white counterparts. Studies show that 48.3 percent (128) justifiable homicides were white, while 47.5 percent (126) were black. Given that whites make up 61% of the population in the United States and blacks only 13.4% of the population, black Americans are exponentially more likely to use a gun in self-defense. No doubt, this is due to the prevalence of black-on-black crime, which accounts for 53.94% of murders in the black community (white-on-black murders rank at only .77% of homicides in the black community).

In other words, black Americans are far more likely to need a gun to protect themselves, use a gun to protect themselves, and are far more likely to personally benefit from the Second Amendment and to suffer from the consequences of gun control (which are disproportionately felt in impoverished urban areas).

Dexter writes, “Cops getting away with murder due to their position of power show the flaws in our system fueled by white supremacy. In the 1700s, patrol groups in the South were formed to catch runaway slaves, and in the 1800s, police forces were built in the north to control immigrants. While America has changed, racism is still a factor within our police system, and recent murders of innocent Black people are an example.”

Again, no empirical data was used by Dexter to make claims that “cops get away with murder due to their position of power.” Current crime statistics demonstrate that whites are more likely to be killed by police than blacks, by a significant margin. While it is accurate that blacks are killed at a disproportionate rate by police, higher crime rates in urban areas are likely to blame, as blacks are more likely to be killed by black cops than white ones.

She continues her display of brain-mush, “Montanans who have a concealed carry permit can carry their weapons into the grocery store, the park, and protests without repercussions. White children, with or without guns, do not face the same danger from police as Black children do because they are told police protect them and that they have a Second Amendment right. Carrying guns is a privilege that so many white Montanans have and fight so hard for.”

Pssst…carrying a gun is not a privilege, it’s a right according to the Montana Constitution and the U.S. Constitution, just like voting, emancipation, and women’s suffrage. I digress…

She writes, “However, Black men who own a gun or fall victim to a gun become the enemy. While white people can defend themselves by carrying their weapons, Black men become a threat to society when they have a gun. In American society, Black men are punished or killed for upholding their Second Amendment rights because many white people and the system of white supremacy has decided that the Second Amendment only applies to them.”

Dexter’s statements are as factually unsupportable as they are logically fallacious. There is no statistical data whatsoever to demonstrate that black men “are punished or killed for upholding their Second Amendment rights” because of a mythical “system of white supremacy.” If so, it would helpful to explain what court system is trying them for using the Second Amendment or what “system of white supremacy” is killing them for owning or legally using firearms.

I personally lament the ignorance of this generation of young people who attempt to make factual truth-claims without any attempt to provide either facts or truth. Before she was done with her vapid diatribe, Dexter had accused peaceful citizen groups, Republican candidates like Matt Rosendale, and all of Montana of racism merely upon our proclivity to own and lawfully use firearms.

Dexter is one of many in this generation that utilize myth, urban legends, and Cultural Marxist talking points to bear false witness against their neighbors, stoking racial animosity, identity-group friction, and class hatred.

I’m thankful to live in Montana, a state that never condoned slavery, that promptly corrected course whenever racism sporadically reared its ugly head, that has always valued civil rights (like gun ownership, which qualifies), and to this day makes space for peaceable disagreement. But let it be stated and stated strongly, if the ideas of Don Pogreba and Ms. Dexter continue to be propagated among Montana’s youth, the future of this state may be far less peaceful.

[Publisher’s Note: This article was contributed by Reagan Hall, a 16-year-old Montana student at Freedom Project Academy and occasional contributor to PNP News]

*This term, “anti-racism,” is from the vocabulary of Critical Theory, and does not mean “against racism.” According to the man who coined the term, it means, “Capitalism is essentially racist. Racism is essentially capitalist.”


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