Politicians Have Ammon Bundy Arrested for Peacefully Attending Public Meeting


For a second time in two days, Ammon Bundy has been arrested at the behest of politicians in Idaho who are incensed that one of their critics is attending public hearings on several matters of concern to him and to his mostly peaceful followers. Bundy, an advocate for free speech and activist against government oppression, was first arrested yesterday at the Lincoln Auditorium while sitting at a desk reserved for the press. Bundy, who has been reporting on Idaho government affairs to many thousands of people, was not issued press credentials, however, and the Speaker of the House, Scott Bedke, ordered him removed. The Idaho State Police then swooped in to arrest the patriot. Because he remained seated when ordered to stand up, they also charged him with resisting arrest.

The hearing Bundy was attending would limit the civil liability of businesses related to the Coronavirus Panic. Several journalists with Health Freedom Idaho were banned from attending, and Bundy was asserting their right to report the government proceedings to the public without restrictions.

You can see the arrest of Ammon Bundy for peacefully sitting, without disrupting anything, at the public hearing in the video below. In all, nearly a dozen officers gathered to handcuff and haul out Bundy, who remained seated quietly.

After being released last night, having been charged for what might be the mildest act of civil disobedience ever, Bundy returned to yesterday’s scene, intent on listening to the proceedings and reporting on it to the public. That’s when he was arrested again for merely showing up to a place the public is allowed.

The reasoning for his multiple arrests seems unclear, and those who requested interference from the Idaho State Police appear to be scrambling for a reason to have him arrested after the fact.

Republican congressman Greg Chaney told the press, “I’m not sure precisely what their goal is, but I’m absolutely sure that the two individuals whom I asked to leave were intending to create a scene.

He continued, “At times in the last 24 to 36 hours, this building has descended into complete chaos, and the only way to make sure that all citizens feel comfortable coming here to be heard is to make sure that we don’t allow rule deviations in general.”

Again, Bundy was arrested without resisting arrest in any conventional sense, although his refusal to help participate in his own arrest might lead to those charges yet again. As the video below shows, Bundy merely sat quietly while be arrested for what is apparently no reason.

The ‘chaos’ to which Chaney referred was citizens showing up to hear government proceedings. At one point, reportedly, a door was broken. No charges were issued at the time of the incident, even though police were present, and it does not appear to have been premeditated or violent. No crimes were alleged to have taken place by the police. The chaos seems to have been caused by government officials miscommunicating coronavirus spacing limitations and not violence on the part of citizens trying to take part in civics.

According to some reports, the Idaho State Police accosted a woman at the scene, shoving her to the ground.

People’s Rights is asking that no one post Bundy’s bail, because he is desiring to expose the corruption in the Idaho government and their oppression of citizens who are merely trying to take part in the governmental process.

Although liberal press outlets often refer to Bundy as a “militia leader” or “domestic terrorist,” no jury of his peers has yet to convict the man for a criminal act, despite repeated prosecutions by various government agencies. On multiple occasions, the government’s attempt to convict Bundy has led to their agency’s rebuke in court for prosecutorial overreach.


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