Video: Bullock Offers China Our “Mountains, Rivers, and Forests” in Investment Pitch


In a bizarre barrage of conspiracy-laden campaign ads, Steve Bullock has been claiming for several months that his Republican challenger, Steve Daines, has somehow sold out the Montanan people to the Chinese government. The claims from Bullock’s campaign are based upon conjecture from Daines visiting China as an envoy in his role with the United States Senate. As the Montana Daily Gazette reported in the article, Democrats Attack Daines, Gianforte with Anti-Asian Racism, Ethnic Hate, Democratic attack ads have sought to tap into anti-Chinese hysteria by providing vague and unsubstantiated accusations against their Republican opponents.

However, we now know why the Democrats have sought to ‘poison the well’ of public opinion when it comes to China. A massive bombshell was waiting to be released that would have Montanans drop their jaws in disbelief…Steve Bullock did a video with Chinese subtitles, offering to trade Montanan’s resources to the People’s Republic of China.

The video, now released by National Review, shows Steve Bullock pitching the sale of Montana’s vast resources the Communist Chinese government in exchange for a number of trade perks that stand to benefit Bullock’s cronies. It’s already known from recent research into Montana’s spending that he has given 14 million dollars of public dollars to his brother’s company and 6.6 million to his wife’s company. But many could not imagine Bullock using his power as governor to sell out our public resources to China wholesale.

In the video, which was supposed to be presented to China in 2015, shows Bullock offering state resources to the Communist government in clear and certain terms.

The relationship between Montana and the People’s Republican of China is a close one, built upon mutual respect and opportunity…I hope the next time you come to Montana, I hope you’re left with the same fond memories as I have had in your country.”

As the music provides a transition in the video, Bullock explains all that Montana has to offer China. He says, “Montana is a vast and varied state of mountains, canyons, river valleys, forests, grassy planes, badlands, and caverns, making it rich in beauty and resources…”

Watch below:

Bullock then makes a pitch to the Chinese to ‘invest’ in Montana businesses.

Montanans will have to decide in November if they want the Chinese government to invest in the private and pubilc resources of Montanans. While Montana’s Democrats have exocriated successful Montana businessmen like Daines and Gianforte for having financial investments in Montana, Governor Bullock has been busy trying to get China to buy up Montana.


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