Op-Ed: Our Current Crisis is Nothing Less than the Democrat Party’s War on America


America’s inner cities are burning. From Ferguson to Kenosha, Los Angeles to Portland, Washington D.C. to Minneapolis, these firebombed urban sprawls all have one thing in common; they are run by Democrat mayors and city councils who are – by far – run by Democrat majorities. These are primarily in states run by Democrat governors. The lawless hordes are going unpunished despite their many crimes of arson, violence, murder, and mayhem being recorded on countless live-streams as indisputable proof of their misdeeds and chronicled proudly on the culprits’ social media in the public record. No doubt, this is because the county attorneys and prosecutors in these areas are overwhelmingly Democrat, and they have stood back to watch America be set on fire without prosecuting crime.

Meanwhile, the Democrat-held cities and blue-emblazoned geographical maps suffering the worst violence are also the ones who continue to place the most draconian rules against Christian church-goers. Placing upon God-fearing worshippers restrictions not equally enforced upon violent mobs, these Democrat-held districts simultaneously promise to prosecute pastors and congregations who meet with disregard for social distancing guidelines and masks, all the while, refusing to prosecute hoodlums setting fire to the churches, businesses, and communities who just want to go about their lives in peace. Every single attempt by President Donald J. Trump to offer federal assistance to ensure law and order has been rejected by local Democrat officials, and the Democrat media has accused Trump of racism for every attempt to bring them peace.

Meanwhile, inner-city riots have been exacerbated and made demonstrably more violent by the release of inmates from jails and prisons under the guise of compassion, so that these murderous rapists and vagabond incendiaries don’t contract a virus that by all accounts is no more lethal than the seasonal flu. And almost without exception, these prisoners have been released into the public by Democrat governors, mayors, and sheriffs while Republicans have consistently protested the decision to release offenders back into the public. And with space freed up in jails and prisons, these same Democrat-led jurisdictions have promised to arrest average and ordinary citizens who refuse to wear a mask or visit a crowded worship center.

Simultaneously, the Democrat-led mainstream media has boycotted, blockaded, blackballed, and censored any scientific opinion or medical professional with a view on COVID-19 that doesn’t produce the worst fears, most irrational responses, or most hysterical overreactions. Big Tech, led by deranged leftists, has called anything approaching an alternative medical opinion a “conspiracy theory,” banned free speech from their platforms, and employed their biased censorship weapons of ‘independent fact-checkers’ to fact-check away the truth wherever it might be told; COVID-19 is about as dangerous as the seasonal flu, and we have ruined our economy and given away our liberties for nothing.

Since Trump first acted to limit travel from COVID-19 hotspots, back when Democrats like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi were calling him ‘racist’ for doing so, the tables have turned. When it appeared that COVID-19 was a nation-killer, Democrats resisted every possible effort to mitigate the crisis. But when the data soon began to show that COVID-19 was a paper tiger, Democrats began to use it to fear-monger America into accepting its terms of surrender for our liberty and businesses. Republicans on the other hand, like South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, resisted the hysterics and took measured approaches that would ensure both Americans’ safety and liberty. President Trump has promoted hydroxychloroquine as a helpful drug to resist the virus, and was ridiculed and discounted every step of the way; and now that the scientific consensus supports this, Democrats and their friends in the media have refused to publish the research, letting countless Americans suffer without the best available drug for their speedy recovery. The point should be clear; Democrats don’t care about your health…they care about controlling you with fear and intimidation.

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It is not Republicans who are insisting you breathe your own facial exhaust for no good reason, but Democrats who are mandating continued mask use despite the fact that physical harms are as proveable as the possible help it could theoretically provide if people used them correctly. The reason should be clear; Democrats want you to live in fear and, without masks, there would be no clear visible reminder that there is a supposed ‘pandemic’ threatening the health of our civilization.

Meanwhile, Democrats have used civil unrest and the arrival of coronavirus to force gun stores to close, while Republican judges, governors, and Trump’s Justice Department have fought to keep gun stores open. Democrat politicians continue to beat the drum of gun control, all the while American cities are under attack by hordes incited to violence by Democrat messaging. The Democrat Party is actively trying to disarm Americans while simultaneously trying to stoke class hatred that leads to violence against them.

It is clear what political party supports domestic terrorists like Black Lives Matter and Antifa. And it is clear what side is fighting to – at the same time – disarm and defund the police. The Democrat Party wants America to be helpless, both in taking our guns and taking away and our police. All the while, they are stoking racial discord and anger that gives us a reason to maintain both our guns and our police like never before.

In Thomas Paine’s America in Crisis, he didn’t take upon himself the task of talking Americans into going to war with the British. His series of articles was poised to explain to Americans that they were already at war with the British. Some colonists just refused to see it.

In 2020, real Americans need the same clarity. We do not want to be at war with the Democrat Party. We are already at war with the Democrat Party. Or, perhaps better phrased, the Democrat Party is already at war with us.

From Federal to local levels, Democrat Party officials are doing everything possible to destroy our businesses while simultaneously taxing us to pay for their constituents who refuse to work. They are keeping us from peacefully assembling in our churches while supporting the violent assembling that is happening in our streets. They are letting out criminals from prison while making room to lock up innocent citizens who break their unconstitutional mask and distancing edicts. Democrats are trying to disarm us while simultaneously giving us the most urgent need to be armed in more than a century. Democrats are calling for more racial and class division by their continued use of identity politics instead of deescalating the violence with calm calls for peace.

And, let us be honest, those who are burning, raping, murdering, and looting are cities will be voting 99 to 1 for Joe Biden this November. He and his party must own the violence, the anger, the mayhem, and the chaos that is swallowing up America in the year 2020.

America is at war. Our enemy is the Democrat Party. We must defeat it.


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