Twitter Censors President Trump for Citing CDC Data on Inflated COVID-19 Deaths


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did, in fact, quietly update their data over the weekend to specify that only 6% of those who have been counted as ‘deaths from coronavirus’ died exclusively from the virus. The other 94% died from a combination of multiple deadly illnesses, but who had tested positive for COVID-19 meaning that it was only one of a number of factors for which they shuffled off the mortal coil.

The CDC’s new revelation of inflated COVID-19 death stats has been covered in news outlets all across the world in both alternative media and in mainstream news sources and network news affiliates.

The best way to summarize the CDC report is thus: The CDC has clarified that of deaths reported to be from COVID-19, only 6% of those deaths occurred exclusively from COVID-19. The other 94% had ailments such as heart disease, coronary heart failure (heart attack), stroke, renal failure, respiratory disease, or the flu. It is clear, that in any other time, these deaths would have been attributed to the other, more deadly illnesses from which they suffered and not COVID-19.

This confirmation from the CDC demonstrates what free-thinkers have been alleging all along; dying with COVID-19 is different than dying from COVID-19, but health officials have been hesitant to make that distinction.

President Donald J. Trump cited the data from the CDC in a retweet from a Twitter account that posted an unphotoshopped screenshot from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention itself. The original tweet can be seen below:

However, Twitter removed the tweet – along with President Trump’s retweet of it – for allegedly breaking Twitter’s policy against falsified COVID-19 statistics.

It should be reiterated; this was a screenshot from the Centers for Disease Control, which was not photoshopped. It is very, very real.

Later, President Trump tweeted a link to the Gateway Pundit that alleges the CDC does not want the public to know the truth about COVID-19 deaths.


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