Antifa Graffiti Targets Montana Republican, Jennifer Fielder


Jennifer Fielder (R-Thompson Falls) served 8 years as a lawmaker before running for Public Service Commissioner in District 4, which includes the western-most part of the state, including the progressive-liberal community of Missoula. The Public Service Commission regulates the rates and service quality for investor-owned electric, natural gas, water, waste-water, and legacy telecommunication companies. Although the PSC is one of the smaller departments of government, the role is sometimes controversial, with Montana’s anti-energy and anti-industry left-wing siding on environmental issues against pro-business conservationists.

Jennifer Fielder

Fielder’s race has not been without controversy. Fashioning herself as a liberty-minded conservative, of which her legislative record bears witness, she has been the repeated target of extremist groups seeking to capitalize on left-leaning sentiment in certain pockets within District 4. Some anti-liberty organizations, like the Dark Money-funded Montana Human Rights Coalition, have posted potentially defamatory accusations toward Fielder, chiefly surrounding her deeply-held religious convictions (Fielder holds to the same religious convictions as 65% of Montanans).

A fake-news conspiracy site popular among Montana’s Democrats (today they alleged that “Republicans want you to get sick, and maybe die”), the Montana Post, has run numerous attack articles against Fielder, assigning to her racist motives for her mentioning in social media that many Idaho and Montana residents reported seeing what appeared to be vans of organized Antifa protestors heading toward Missoula or Kalispell (the claim is spurious, considering that Antifa consists of participants who are disproportionately white; how her claim could be ‘racist’ is anyone’s guess).

In June, the Montana Post’s Don Pogreba, a Comintern who works for the Helena Public School System, alleged that Fielder would ‘get someone killed’ for posting a warning to her fellow neighbors.

Pogreba wrote, “It’s time for conservatives spreading these paranoid lies to admit there is no Antifa threat, no white vans, no need to gear up with weapons of war…”

However, it seems that Antifa has a presence in Montana after all, because they left a ‘calling card’ on Fielder’s campaign sign.

The sign was discovered vandalized yesterday, after which residents noticed the Antifa swastika and called Fielder while immediately setting about to clean the sign for the candidate.

The graffiti read, “GOP = ,” a popular and widespread propaganda claim used by Antifa which – in theory – stands for “against fascism.”

Antifa, which regularly shouts down their opponents, practices violence, intimidates innocent citizens, and attempt to silence free speech does so under the ospices of being against fascism, a form of far-left authoritarianism that was popularized in the early twentieth century Nazi regime and is characterized by shouting down opponents, practicing violence, intimidating innocent citizens, and attempting to silence free speech.

Antifa is not good at irony, in other words, but it is apt at vandalism and violence.

The definition of terrorism is, “the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.” The Montana Daily Gazette reached out to Fielder and asked if leaving swastikas on her campaign signs qualified.

Fielder told the Gazette, “Absolutely it’s a form of terrorism. The message they left on my sign is a clearly a message of hate.”

She continued, “These aren’t kids just messing around. Whoever did it was pretty large because they painted up near the top of my sign which is 8’ off the ground.”

No matter who did it, vandalizing property with the loathsome swastika symbol is, in many jurisdictions throughout the United States, a prosecutable hate crime. The Southern Poverty Law Center, for example, keeps track of all the incidents of vandalism that includes swastikas. It is indeed, in many ways, a terrifying gesture.

When asked if she thought her opponent was to blame for the vandalism, Fielder responded, “Did my opponent’s supporters do this? Well, it sure as heck wasn’t my supporters! My supporters don’t go around destroying other people’s property. They have more respect for their fellow man than that, even when they disagree.”

She added, “I think it represents a fundamental difference between my opponent and I. Her supporters are committing acts of destruction, mine are going around cleaning it up.”

According to Fielder, this type of behavior exhibits an anti-American hatred. She told us, “This kind of anti-American hatred is extremely dangerous. It’s sort of like a gateway drug. It seems to have started a couple years ago with knocking MAGA hats off of people’s heads. Then they started burning Trump flags. The other day they gunned down a person in Portland who was wearing a patriotic ballcap. Obviously, they are trying to create as much fear, hatred, and disruption as possible to influence the elections. But we can’t be drawn I to it. The way stop all that garbage is by voting overwhelmingly for Republicans up and down the ticket on November 3rd.”


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