Montana Democrats Spread Conspiracy Theory: The GOP Wants You to DIE


Democrats have been known to peddle conspiracy theories. Myths and legends often accompany their thoughts on policy, such as notions that raising taxes helps the economy, that babies aren’t people or that gender isn’t biological. But the latest myth to be propagated by Montana Democrats is on the same level of such myths as the existence of Sasquatch, a faked moon landing, or flat-earthism.

Here it is; the Montana GOP wants you to get sick and maybe even die.

That’s the title of a post at the de facto junk blog of the Montana Democratic Party, in fact. The Montana GOP Wants You to Get Sick, Maybe Die was written by Pete Talbot, a politico with the state’s Democrats and, at least in the past, served on various boards with the DNC. And he wants you to know that Republicans are bloodthirsty monsters who are hoping, evening praying perhaps, that we all fall over dead of the coronavirus.

Taking issue with a Republican lawsuit against the State of Montana in their attempt to limit voter fraud and repeal a mail-in only ballot, Talbot made the claim in his headline, although it was unsubstantiated in the body of his article.

The Montana Post has repeatedly made the charge that Republicans will kill virtually every man, woman, and child in the state merely by campaigning, going to church, or showing up at rallies (please note: this does not go for Black Lives Matter rallies, which the Montana Post supports because, apparently, you can’t get coronavirus at those).

In April, the Montana Post argued that the Liberty Rallies would push back the state’s re-opening and cause its attendees to perish to the Red Flu before spreading to the rest of the state. Of course, that never happened and everyone was just fine. In July, fake Republican, Bob Brown, publicly left the Republican Party that everyone knew he didn’t really belong to anyway, claiming that Republicans ranging from Donald Trump to Steve Daines wanted people to get sick. Their refusal to wear masks made him type up his swan song and send it to state newspapers.

One would think that Montana Democrats would welcome push-back on all mail-in ballots, considering they are also promoting a bizarre conspiracy theory about Donald Trump using the United States Postal Service to steal the election (predictably, they also claim that Steve Daines and Greg Gianforte are in on the scheme).


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