Montana Republicans, Gianforte and Daines, Seek Ban on Infant Death Drugs


Montana’s Republican senator, Steve Daines, and its sole representative in the U.S. House, Greg Gianforte, both signed letters calling for a ban on prescription drugs designed to kill unborn children. Daines, who is running for reelection, and Gianforte, who is running for governor in the Big Sky State, inked their names to two respective letters asking the Food and Drug Administration to pull their approval for Mifeprex (also known as RU-486), which was signed by 20 Republican senators and 52 Republican representatives.

Predictably, no Democrats signed the letters asking the FDA to spare the lives of unborn children.

Chemical abortions account for 31% of all nonhospital abortions and 45% of nonhospital abortions before 9 weeks’ gestation in the United States. For some women who wish to assassinate their infants in the privacy of their own home, the abortion pill is preferable to having to take their shame publicly to the Planned Parenthood clinic or another abortion provider.

Steve Bullock, who is challenging Daines for his spot in the U.S. Senate, issued a statement through his campaign spokeswoman, saying, “The governor believes that health care decisions should be made by a woman in consultation with her health care provider — not political letters.”

In 2015, Bullock vetoed legislation that would have required an in-person visit to obtain a prescription for the poison from a physician, claiming that the requirement was an undue burden on women. His opponents pointed out that having to visit a doctor in person was a requirement for most prescription drugs, and he and the abortion lobby had been making exceptions for moms who no longer wanted to be pregnant.

Montana Planned Parenthood director, Martha Stahl, said in response to the letter, “[the abortion pill is] a proven strategy to expand access, especially for folks living in rural areas like Montana.”

Currently, Montana Planned Parenthood surgically kills and dismantles roughly 1,500 babies each year.


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