Montana Democrats Claim Pro-Lifers Are ‘Endangering Lives’ By Not Wearing Masks


Don Pogreba, a Comintern in the Helena School District who ekes out his meager income on the public tax dole by blogging for state Democrats, has alleged that pro-life Republicans are selfishly ‘endangering lives’ by not wearing Covid Burkas, the largely ineffectual face coverings that health officials were telling citizens not to wear until only a few months ago.

Without facial masks, there would be few visual reminders that citizens are supposed to be in fear of the Chinese virus. Without constant reminding, COVID-19 has proven to kill so few people (only 6% who die will die exclusively of COVID-19, and only .04% of positive cases will lead to death at all). Essentially, the virus known as Kung Flu is about as deadly as seasonal influenza and it is next to impossible to kill people who aren’t already on death’s door due another co-morbidity.

Nonetheless, Democrats are catastrophizing as normal, and the Montana Post continues to insist that Republicans are trying to kill people.

Writing in the post, “Pro-Life” Montana Republicans Are Recklessly Endangering Lives By Refusing to Mask Up, Don Pogreba insists, “Because conspiracy theorists including the President have politicized masks, a large number of Republicans still refuse to take the simple precaution of masking up when outside the home and meeting with groups of people.”

Pogreba then posted photographs of Republican candidates like Steve Daines, Greg Gianforte, and Austin Knudsen not covering their face like Governor Bullock has told them to.

Why Democrats are so opposed to medical science and refuse to acknowledge that the data indicates the virus is hardly deadly for most people, no one really knows. One can presume that Democrats believe that living in fear will make more people vote for big government, which has promised from the beginning that it could have a mitigating impact on the spread of the virus (this has proven to be untrue).

Pogreba writes, “And make no mistake: undermining these public health messages will close Montana schools, shutter businesses, and kill people.”

One should consider it ironic that a rabidly pro-abortion Democrat would suddenly feign concern for people’s health. Abortion, after all, has a 100% death rate upon whom it is performed.

Currently in Montana, the death rate from abortion is approximately exponentially higher than from COVID-19.


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