Montana Superintendent Wishes Trump Supporters to Drown, Calls Them Traitors, Retards


Above the head of Steve Engebretson on the Brockton, Montana, school district website there is a logo that says “no bullying.” But for the superintendent, whose Facebook cover photo prominently displays a campaign ad for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, ‘no bullying’ doesn’t apparently apply to Republicans. Although Engebretson deleted the comments after public outrage, he wished tragedy, death, and drowning upon Trump supporters throughout the state who had taken to the waterways to support the U.S. President.

Steve Engebretson took to Facebook over the weekend to leave the harshest remarks about civic-minded Montananans who used their boats and Trump flags to peacefully assemble on Montana’s lakes. One such event was the Trump Boat Parade on Saturday, hosted by Sarah Swanson and Michelle Gibbs. The event started at Rock Creek Marine on the Big Dry Arm of Fort Peck lake and ended at the dam (watch below).

The Billings Gazette covered the story of ‘Trump Flotillas’ on September 7, highlighting this event and comparing it to several others, including a massive water rally several weeks ago in North Dakota on the Missouri River and another in Texas. In the latter event, several boats were sunk in various mishaps.

It was upon this Billings Gazette article’s post on Facebook that Engebretson made his unprofessional and hateful remarks (see below):

Screenshot HT Sidney Mercantile

Among his comments on the page was one invective, “More boats need to sink. Love watching tRump flags sinking and tRump rats swimming for shore.”

Brockton, in Roosevelt County, has a population of 255. Brockton is on the edge of the Ft. Peck Indian Reservation along Highway 2, in between the towns of Culbertson and Poplar. Engrebretson’s hatred for Trump supporters might be unpopular in Roosevelt County, which voted for Trump over Clinton in 2016 by a margin of more than 200 votes.

Montana’s public school educators do have a tendency to be leftward in their political leanings, and the Montana Federation of Public Employees (MFPE) is their teacher’s union. And MFPE, incidentally, has chosen an actual Marxist as their president, Amanda Curtis.

Along with his hate speech on Facebook, Engebretson also posts frequently on the question-and-answer website, Quora, often with palpable anger and hatred toward conservatives. Whether throwing invectives upon the poor woman who was assaulted by Joe Biden or giving random political advice, Engrebretson maintains a busy presence there, often posting to the site during school hours when he should be ‘on the clock.’

Engebretson says that Trump voters are guilty of treason (see below).

He also says that Trump is a ‘treasonous bastard’ (see below).

He also calls Trump supporters “Trumpards,” using the term ‘retarded’ in a way that no respectful educator would.

Brockton residents need to know what that their Superintendent thinks about them. Share this article so they’ll find out.

By the way, apparently the secretary for Brockton Schools support Engebretson and is incapable of spelling *you’re correctly (see below). So be advised, you may need to speak directly to the school board.

If you would like to file a complaint against Engebretson for bullying with the Office of Public Instruction, click here.


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