Joe Biden Takes Renewed Aim at Gun Rights


In the wake of a horrific act of anti-police violence in Los Angeles, Democratic Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, is giving a renewed call for gun control. The candidate, who stumped in the Big Sky State for Montana Democratic candidates like Kathleen Williams and Jon Tester in 2016, is asking for the nation’s democrats to coalesce around new measures that will make it harder for law-abiding citizens to own, carry, and use their firearms.

Calling semi-automatic firearms “weapons of war” and “assault rifles,” the anti-gun candidate took to Twitter to call for their nationwide ban. He also promoted the ban of high-capacity magazines. Ironically, but predictably, the firearm used in the assault was not a semi-automatic sporting rifle like the AK-47 or AR-15, but a handgun.

The two rifles commonly called “assault rifles,” mentioned above, only propel one round of ammunition per trigger pull, as opposed to military-style rifles or “weapons of war” that fire multiple rounds per trigger pull. Both rifles are commonly used in Montana for sporting, predator and pest control, hunting, and self-defense.

This isn’t the first time that Joe Biden has proven himself inept at basic firearms education. Earlier this year, Joe Biden told a Detroit factory employee while on a tour that he didn’t want to take away anyone’s firearms, claiming the voter was “full of [excrement].” Then, the aging former vice president praddled on about the AR-14 rifle, misnaming the most popular rifle in America, for which he received much mockery.

Should Biden win election, he would have to wait for the United States congress to pass an exhaustive ban on sporting rifles in both the House and Senate. Should Montana’s voters not wish to see a gun ban, they should stop and seriously consider if they really want to send Kathleen Williams to the House and Steve Bullock to the Senate.

Williams and Bullock have both received F-ratings from the National Rifle Association and have stood opposed historically to basic gun rights. Bullock has vetoed more than 20 pro-firearms bills during his time as governor and Williams has promised that she will help ban AR-15 rifles if elected to office.

Williams wrote in 2018, “My family owns shotguns and rifles, but we’ve never felt the need to buy an AR-15. High-capacity magazines and military-style assault rifles need to be confined to controlled environments, like machine guns are today. In Congress, I will support assault weapon controls designed to keep military-style weapons off our streets while protecting responsible owners such as antique collectors and sportsmen.”

For Montana gun owners, the combination of an anti-gun congressional delegation and a Biden presidency would be a horrific cocktail.


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