Media Trying Hard to Censor News About Arsonists Lighting Wildfires


If you take Facebook’s fact-checkers at their word, the notion that arsonists are causing America’s Northwest to burn is pure conspiracy theory. And assisting Big Tech’s censorship mainstream media contractors eager to give their news competitors Facebook’s ‘three strikes’ including USA Today,, Snopes, Politifact, and other third party organizations who are calling any claims that arson is to blame for some of the wildfire out west ‘fake.’

The Montana Daily Gazette posted an article over the weekend simply stating that arsonists are being blamed for the fires (which is true, and the same has been acknowledged by the fact-checkers) and it included a link to at least one Black Lives Matter activist who was just arrested for setting a wildfire. Despite reporting on the accusations factually, Facebook listed our article as false. Facebook’s fact-checker, “Science Feedback,” did not once cite our article and it seemed to not pertain to our article specifically at all.

Science Feedback is funded by numerous organizations supported by George Soros’ Open Societies Foundation including The University of California Merced, Ashoka, Roland Berger, the Citris Foundation, the Credibility Coalition, and Shuttleworth.

Media outlets are reporting on the ‘independent’ fact-checkers’ analysis without doing any fact-checking of their own. Just as these outlets have been censoring articles in social media, numerous arrests were made of arsonists over the weekend.

A Salem, Oregon man, Michael Jarrod Bakkela (41) was jailed on two charges of arson, 15 counts of criminal mischief and 14 counts of reckless endangering for a fire that was set Tuesday in the Phoenix area in southern Oregon. This report is according to an ABC News affiliate in Los Angeles, ABC 7.

Meanwhile, four suspects have been arrested for setting fires on the West Coast near Almena and Ashland, including two men from Washington, one from Oregon, and a woman from California. This has been reported on Fox News and was a subject of an interview on the #1 Cable News Network in the United States.

The UK Daily Mail reports that an Oregon woman caught a man who had been setting wildfires on her property. She reportedly caught him with matches and he confessed to it. In case someone doubts it, there’s video (watch below).

According to the Daily Mail, the woman said, “I walked him out of my property at gunpoint and then when we got to some asphalt ground on the main road [where I] made him lay down while the cops arrived.’

She continued, ‘Had my husband been here he would have been dead. This criminal has got multiple warrants, one of them [for] assaulting a police officer.’

Another man, Domingo Lawerence Jr. was arrested twice for setting fires alongside the highway in Oregon. This is according to numerous Oregon news outlets including the state’s largest newspaper, the Oregonian.

Meanwhile, America’s leftists are busy promoting another narrative about the wildfires. According to Democratic Presidential candidate, Joe Biden, Donald Trump is a “Climate Arsonist” who is causing the fires by not caring enough about global warming.


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