New Ad Focuses on ‘Hanoi Jane’ Fonda’s Financial Giving to Steve Bullock


Montana has one of the highest percentages of veterans in our general population in the United States. Not only have 1 in 10 Montanans served the United States military, but Montana ranks #1 in the percentage of veterans who have provided active duty service in combat zones, at somewhere around 80%. It is certainly a sore spot for many in the Big Sky State that among Steve Bullock’s long list of Hollywood celebrity backers is Jane Fonda, who is one of the most renown traitors to military veterans in the 20th and 21st Century.

Fonda (82, California) has recently taken up climate activism, being arrested five times this year during protests on behalf of ‘climate change.’ But in between her various campaigns to stop global warming, global cooling, fracking, cow flatulence, or whatever is the latest flavor de jure among the world’s environmental extremists, Fonda has been donating to Steve Bullock’s political campaigns. Fonda seems convinced that Steve Bullock shares her alarmist environmental positions.

But aside from Fonda’s climate activism, most remember the Hollywood starlet for a far more controversial matter stemming from her anti-military extremist from 1967 to 1972. In that year, 1972, Fonda made an ill-fated trip to North Vietnam and took part in psychological warfare propaganda perpetrated among American POWs. The actress appeared on at least ten different North Vietnamese radio programs attacking the United States armed services and blaming them for war crimes, while appearing in a photograph of an anti-aircraft gun (pictured left). The photo-op went around the world, as it appeared that Fonda was willing and ready to shoot down American aircraft. The nickname, Hanoi Jane, stuck.

A few hundred yards from this photograph, American POWs were being subjected to torture at the “Hanoi Hilton.” Some of them had been shot down in aircraft by the anti-aircraft gun upon which Fonda was posing.

When she returned from Vietnam, Fonda called our POWs “hypocrites and liars,” adding, “These were not men who had been tortured. These were not men who had been starved. These were not men who had been brainwashed. … Pilots were saying it was the policy of the Vietnamese and that it was systematic. I believe that’s a lie.” 

In a 2005 interview with CBS, Fonda said she did not regret anything about her trip to Vietnam.

In 2017, Fonda told the BBC that she was not proud of America, although she was proud of anti-Trump protestors.

Fonda hosted a Hollywood fundraiser for Bullock during his presidential run, which is the subject of a new ad put out by his opponent in the U.S. Senate race, Steve Daines. Watch below.


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