Op-Ed: Gorski Supports Defunding Police, Higher Taxes, Abortion


[Rachel Bartlett, Stevensonville Montana] Margaret Gorski will follow the mainstream political philosophy of the left. She must do so in order to remain united with her party. She cannot deviate from this or she will be ostracized. All Democrats are united in their purpose. Those at the local level ultimately support the same values as the National Democrats do. Margaret Gorski will support the following ideas because in essence, these are her core principles. There is no such thing as a Conservative Democrat. Don’t be fooled by an appearance of moderation.

Core Principles of the Democrat Party:

1. Abortion upon demand – possibly even to completion of the 3rd trimester.

2. Directly or indirectly forcing taxpayers to pay for abortions. 

3. Unlimited government mandates and open borders.

4. Higher taxes.

5. Expanded welfare programs.

6. Universal Healthcare.

7. Government intrusion into our healthcare system.

8. Abolition of school choice (destroying the concept of Charter Schools)

9. Federal government control of our educational system

10. Defunding the police and weakening the military

11. Taking away our First Amendment Rights. 

12. Taking away our Second Amendment Rights. 

13. Increasing the number of justices on the Supreme Court.

14. Government control restricting our liberty and freedom.

15. Government control of the means of production. 

16. Implementation of the New Green Deal.

17. Joining the globalist movement.

18. Destruction of the middle class.

19. Destruction of the United States Constitution.

20. Making government the most corrupt, powerful and unlimited entity in America.

This is Socialistic Communism to the core. If we continue to vote for these people at the local and national level, America will implode and destroy itself from within. Montanans need to wake up to the fact that the left intend to turn Montana from red to blue. Inch by inch they have whittled away at our core beliefs. Republicans have played nice long enough. It is time to have the courage and strength to vote one’s conscience.

In Ravalli County, the only choice is Theresa Manzella. She is a strict constitutionalist who will only vote for bills that are supported by the Constitution. Thus far the liberals in the legislature have been promoting bills furthering Big Government. How can a Conservative Republican woman like Manzella vote affirmatively for these bills when they are not in the best interest of her constituents? I admire the fact that Theresa Manzella stands firm by her convictions and is not swayed by those who engage in backroom deals. If you ask her a question, she gives you a straight answer. Unlike Margaret Gorski who was asked about whether she was pro-choice or pro-life. Gorski danced around the question and said she was both pro-life and pro-choice depending upon the type of bill that was presented and how it would affect everyone involved. Wow! Talk about being all things to all people. Unfortunately, this is the standard way for a typical politician to cloud the issue.

With Manzella you know where she stands. She is very knowledgeable, and she carefully scrutinizes each bill presented before she makes a decision. You can depend upon her to represent the conservative viewpoint without fail. Limited, good government is her mantra. Vote wisely this November, Montanans. Vote Theresa Manzella for the Montana state senate seat. 

[Publisher’s Note: This op-ed was written by Rachel Bartlett of Stevensville, MT]


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