Activism Angry Helena Official Promises to Prosecute 'Let Freedom Ring...

Angry Helena Official Promises to Prosecute ‘Let Freedom Ring Rally’ For Breaking COVID Rules


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Symptoms of COVID-19 include a dry cough, loss of smell, and a fever. It is unknown if COVID-19 is responsible for incessant whining, but if so, Montana’s progressives should get a coronavirus test ASAP. After the ‘Let Freedom Ring Rally drew a crowd of many hundreds, the Lewis and Clark health officer complained that the organizers didn’t distance themselves properly. A Comintern with the Helena School District, Don Pogreba, also complained on his blog that the rally was a “super-spreader event” because the conservatives didn’t behave with enough precaution (a claim he has made of various conservative rallies over and over and over again with other conservative events).

To Montana liberals, COVID-19 seems to be far more likely to be infectious at churches and Republican events than anywhere else. Not once has a case of COVID-19 been traced to any of the various freedom rallies in Montana that have taken place since mid-Spring. This hasn’t stopped them from whining or issuing deadly predictions.

Steed Industries organized the event and hundreds of businesses chipped in to accommodate a large crowd in the middle of an 80-acre field in the Helena Valley, where flag-waving patriots showed up celebrate liberty. And nothing makes progressives quite as mad at conservatives showing up en masse, especially when they seem unconcerned about the media’s catastrophizing of the Wuhuan Flu, a mild-mannered and mostly undeadly chest cold that kills about .04% of those contract it (and most of those are over the age of 80).

Jerry Steed, of Steed Industries, told the press, “We live in the greatest country on Earth and we’re tired of the division. It’s time to set divisions aside, put politics aside and come out and see what this means to the community.”

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The Helena Independent Record announced that a health officer complained about the event – which they approved – didn’t follow the rules of social distancing. It was reminiscent of a Gallatin County Health Officer complaining that Vice President Mike Pence didn’t consult them before peacefully assembling near Bozeman.

Scene from the event…

Lewis and Clark Public Health Officer Drenda Niemann complained in an email today that the event did not limit itself to 250 people, for which it was approved, and it had hale bales for seating, even though seating was not supposed to be provided.

Niemann promised to prosecute the organizers, writing, “I believe they would have held their event without a plan or approval. We spent several hours with them attempting to make the event as safe as possible. I will be working with the County Attorney’s office to hold them accountable to our local order. I anticipate at least a citation for each violation.”

Niemann appears to be a Democrat, ‘liking’ exclusively Democrat politicans from her Facebook page (see left).

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Niemann is responsible for a number of draconian COVID-19 measurers, including the closure of campgrounds (because apparently the outdoors is bad for you) and insisting that fans not show up for sporting events.

Steed said of the event, “We did everything that the health department asked us to do. We posted the signs, followed the plan we presented, we put up a road closed sign when we thought we were there but how do you with so many people coming and leaving? Everyone knows the risks, but I think Montanans are smart enough to make their own decisions.”

Don Pogreba – who never saw a conservative event that didn’t foreshadow some End Times apocalyptic scenario, said, “I’m hard-pressed to understand how the county could have approved this event. The misgivings expressed in their response to the organizers are precisely what happened at the event. I’m frustrated by Lewis and Clark County Sherriff Leo Dutton, who signaled that he would not even ask officers to patrol a large-scale event that included drinking.”

Catastrophizing is a diagnosable cognitive disorder that’s common among America’s left, the hyperbolic assumption that everything is worse, in reality than what it really is. The death-rate for COVID-19 is going downwards as quickly as positive test-cases are going upward. It is, by and large, no more deadly than the seasonal flu.

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