Bullock Brings Out Pete Buttigieg to Boost Campaign Odds


Pete Buttigieg is the millennial homosexual mayor from South Bend, Indiana, who placed surprisingly well in the Democratic Primary. Finishing a weak third against Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, Buttigieg won the Iowa Caucus and roughly half of the New Hampshire primary delegates. But Buttigieg isn’t staying out of the election just because he’s out of the running for president. Now he’s campaigning for Montana Democrat and U.S. Senate hopeful, Steve Bullock.

It seems like an eternity ago for many Montanans, but Steve Bullock’s ill-fated run for the U.S. Presidency was only a few months ago. After losing in the primary from failing to acquire enough donations to stay in the Democratic debates, he seems to have forged allies with those who were once his opponents, including Biden, Kamala Harris, and Pete Buttigieg, all of whom have endorsed his campaign against Republican Senator, Steve Daines.

Buttigieg can be seen in Bullock’s latest campaign video, posted from his Facebook page. In the video (below), Buttigieg opens the commercial with a plea for money in what is admittedly a tight race. The ad also includes Jeff Bridges – who played The Dude in The Big Lebowski cult classic – along with Jon Tester.

Buttigieg’s policy positions aren’t exactly popular in Montana. Along with believing in abortion up until the time of birth, the removal of all immigration law, and aggressively socialist economic policies, Buttigieg has called for a ban on semi-automatic sporting rifles (watch below).

Ironically in the video, Jeff Bridges asks for people from “around the country” to give Steve Bullock money to counterbalance all of the “outside money” in the election.


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