Facebook/Twitter Censor Trump on Flu Deaths


Who does he think he is, the U.S. President? We’re not sure exactly how that conversation goes amongst the vape-filled back rooms in Silicon Valley’s Ministry of Truth, but it’s probably something like that just before a pink-haired feminist with a latte-mustache presses ‘delete’ on POTUS’ tweet.

Yet again, Big Tech censors with Facebook and Twitter have ‘fact-checked’ President Donald J. Trump and deleted his tweet for violating community standards of having a different opinion. And the question of exactly how many die each year from the flu – the subject of Trump’s tweet – is indeed a matter of opinion. While scientific facts are not subjective, how death tallies are reported in the medical community is subjective.

Trump tweeted, “Flu season is coming up! Many people every year, sometimes over 100,000, and despite the Vaccine, die from the Flu. Are we going to close down our Country?” See below.

Facebook removed the post while Twitter added a label warning of misinformation before a user could click to view it. Twitter also prevented the tweet from being shared.

Facebook said, “We remove incorrect information about the severity of Covid-19, and have now removed this post.”

“Fact-Checkers” employed by the tech companies, who are quick to jump primarily on posts from conservatives, said the CDC reports that between 42 thousand and 62 thousand died in the 2019-2020 flue season due to influenza, placing the death-rate somewhere around 1%. COVID-19, on the other hand, has shown to have a death-rate somewhere around .04% (the CDC said this figure was accurate), with only 6% who have COVID-19 listed as their cause of death have died exclusively from COVID-19, suffering instead from a combination of issues ranging from diabetes to heart disease.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have repeatedly adjusted both their death-toll figures and prediction models since the ‘pandemic’ began. It is unclear why the CDC should be a source on death-rates to fact-checkers, given their track record of obfuscation and constant correction.

Nonetheless, Trump’s figure of 100k dead from the flu “sometimes” is not inaccurate. Assuming that flu death rates are accurately reported, several years in the twentieth century saw six-figure death tolls (see below).

But as many doctors realize, flu death counts are notoriously under-reported. In 2019 the CDC said that
“It has been recognized for many years that influenza is underreported on death certificates.” They went on to explain that many death certificates state another cause of death – like pneumonia, for example – instead of the flu. This is the opposite of how COVID-19 death tallies have been figured, which show doctors placing COVID-19 as the cause of death despite other extenuating factors of morbidity being present and to their exclusion.

Wisconsin Public Radio explained the difference in reporting standards between the flu and COVID-19 writing, “The number of influenza-caused deaths is largely based on estimates. The CDC determines those estimates through a complicated algorithm that takes into account the actual number of flu death counts and hypotheses about how many cases, hospitalizations and deaths went unreported.”

Simply put, many states don’t require influenza death reporting. COVID-19, on the other hand, is probably over-reported according to nearly everyone. The real figure, as WPR explained, is an estimate.

Donald Trump’s assertion that 100 thousand have died in years past from influenza isn’t far from the truth – even according to the CDC and ignoring that it’s happened multiple times in the last century. But using the CDC’s own margin of error over the course of the pandemic, often admitting to getting the stats wrong by a factor of ten (according to The Atlantic), it’s a reasonable assessment if any guess during the age of COVID-19 can be considered reasonable.

The reality is, almost any and all statement or article or post on Big Tech’s platforms will be censored if it downplays the worst-case-scenario hysteria of America’s left. On the other hand, the wildest figures for COVID-19 could be slanted on the high side – causing more panic and hysteria – without a single “fact check.”

After deleting his tweet, President Trump sent out another, saying, “Repeal Section 230!!!”

Trump was referring to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which allows tech platforms to censor content based upon their subjective and biased whims. Trump signed an executive order targeting the legislation in May, claiming it placed political censorship in the hands of Big Tech and created an undue burden on truth-tellers.


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