Pro-Abortion Group Masquerades as Pro-Family Group to Deceive Montana Voters


Some Montana residents have been getting mailers on behalf of Steve Bullock sent out by the “Family Friendly Action PAC,” which appears on its campaign material to be (as the name would suggest) a pro-family group. However, research conducted by the Montana Daily Gazette has discovered that the pro-family Political Action Committee (PAC) is actually funded by a pro-abortion organization that is headquartered outside of Montana in New Hampshire.

The organization has spent a whopping $567,197 on behalf of Bullock in 2020, ranking them 5th in outside spending in the 2020 Montana U.S. Senate election. By comparison, the Montana Democratic Party has only spent $4,562 on his campaign (according to the latest filings). Not even Planned Parenthood – which has only given about a hundred-thousand to Bullock – compares to this Super-PAC in their donations to defeat Steve Daines.

They have spent 3.8 million dollars so far in the election, with every dime going toward pro-choice Democrats.

So who is the Family Friendly PAC? They are the most shadowy group one can imagine, without a phone number or address listed on their website. Their claim to be pro-family is due to their stances on paid leave for mothers and socialist economic policies.

Steve Bullock promised to remove Dark Money from politics, and his campaign ads pleading for cash regularly claim that he doesn’t want help from outside money or special interests. This group appears to be the king of dark money…especially dark blood money, as their donor list is identical to that of Planned Parenthood. It appears as though the abortion industry is single-handedly funding Family Friendly PAC, or at the very least, their efforts are highly coordinated.

The PAC appears to stay off the radar of Dark Money watchdogs by not advertising in the media or producing videos for online dissemination. Instead, the PAC sends mailers directly to voters use mass-mailing systems.

The organization is headquartered in New Hampshire, according to one hard to find filing (interestingly, it’s New Hampshire license plates that people are seeing canvass neighborhoods with Steve Bullock brochures). Its president and treasurer is Elizabeth Chamberlin, a Democrat donor who gives large sums of money to Democrats each year (she is an attorney and has worked for New Hampshire Democrat Senator, Maggie Hassan). Chamberlin’s social media is full of Biden-Harris posts (see below).

Her profile photos have included photographs of protests at feminist marches, environmentalist marches, and other liberal causes. And she is a big, big fan of Planned Parenthood. Here is her profile photo, emblazoned with her support of the abortion industry giant (see below).

According to the PAC filing, her phone number is (603) 491-8405 and her address is 227 Burnt Hil Road, Warner, NH 03278. Montanans might want to give her a polite phone call or postcard, asking her to keep her activism in New Hampshire and stop sullying our elections with misleading campaign advertising.


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