Environment Professor Says 'White Christians' Are to Blame for Wildfires...

Professor Says ‘White Christians’ Are to Blame for Wildfires in American West


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Despite numerous accounts from local media and sheriff departments that Black Lives Matter or Antifa activists have been responsible for at least some recent wildfires in the American West, the media continues to downplay the role of arson in the recent blazes. But have no fear, because one public university professor has a wildfire conspiracy theory that the media won’t censor and Big Tech’s “independent fact-checkers” won’t disagree with. A professor with Oregon State University says “White Christians” are to blame for the wildfires.

According to Campus Reform, Professor Susan Shaw claims, “the intensity and scope of these fires are a result of climate change” before attributing climate change to “many Christians, especially white Christians, [who] have embraced denial of climate science.”

Susan Shaw

So, here is the logic: Somehow, in some ill-defined and factually unsubstantiated way, climate change causes spontaneous combustion and worsens wildfires (as opposed to anti-logging policies that keep forests from being properly managed). And “white Christians” disbelieve “climate science” ergo, white Christians have caused the wildfires consuming much of California, Oregon, Washington State.

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How’s that for science?

Shaw says, “The West is burning while most white Christians turn away from the root causes of the devastation…White evangelicals continue to support Donald Trump overwhelmingly, even though the Trump administration has tried to roll back more than 100 environmental protection regulations.”

So apparently, Donald Trump is also to blame for wildfires.

The problem with white Christians, Shaw says, is their Theism. She writes, “Many white Christians believe God won’t let climate change destroy the earth,” and “the White church is mostly complicit with the intersecting systems of racism and global capitalism that underlie climate change.”

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So apparently, Capitalism is also to blame for wildfires.

This is your tax-dollars at work, as Shaw’s salary is subsidized by the American taxpayer in the public university. Wildfires are not caused by forest mismanagement at the hands of Democrat governments in the three West Coast states and orchestrated by America’s leftwing environmentalist greenies who don’t want trees and underbrush cleared or logging roads (by which firetrucks can move about) maintained, but by white Christians, Donald Trump, and capitalism.

Good to know…

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