Why is So Much Out-of-State Money Going to MT Democrat Candidate, Jasmine Taylor?


As politicians in both the Republican and the Democratic Party decry outside money in Montana elections, it seems odd that Jasmine Taylor (D-Great Falls) is acquiring so many out-of-state donations for her senate campaign against Lola Sheldon-Galloway. Taylor, a young career bureacrat who has worked primarily in taxpayer-funded jobs, has private-sector experience that’s limited to running the Great Falls LGBTQ+ Center. How is it, then, that Taylor has funds piling in from places like San Francisco, Washington D.C., and New York in order to defeat her Repubilcan oponent for a relatively low priority office so far as the national radar is concerned?

It makes sense that candidates like Steve Bullock, Mike Cooney, Raph Graybill, or Kathleen Williams would have money coming in from liberal urban strongholds across the country, but why is there such blue-state support for Taylor in her race for HD22?

A review of Taylor’s August 26 filing with the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices shows a sizable portion of her campaign contributions have come from outside Montana, and the majority coming from outside her district. It is odd to say the least.

Roughly a third of Taylor’s financial contributions for September were from Democratic strongholds in New York, San Francisco, Washington D.C., and Vermont. Additionally, only 6 of Taylor’s contributions came from her own district. Additional donations from Washington D.C. were on her previous C5 financial filing as well.

Part-time Pilates instructor and San Francisco climate activist (see below), Helena Birecki, maxed out her contribution to Taylor last month. Birecki’s comments can regularly be seen on the San Francisco Chronicle calling for Trump’s impeachment or advocating for other liberal causes.

Helena Birecki

Why is a climate activist in San Francisco maxing her contribution for a Montana House candidate? What’s the connection?

Elizabeth Callahan-Mitchell (Taylor left her last name, Mitchell, off the C5 form), who says she is “unemployed” is actually a Democrat activist in Washington D.C. She can be seen in the photo below pushing a program called “Blue Wave D.C.” Callahan is seen below strategizing how to flip various races for Democrats in the Beltway. But apparently, she also has interest in Montana’s HD22.

Perhaps Mitchell’s connection to the Taylor campaign is their mutual involvement in the LGBTLMNOPQ+ Movement, as her Facebook page shows her at gay pride rallies and other various liberal causes.

Anne Cummings lives in Arlington, VA (a suburb of Washington D.C.) and Taylor also lists her as “unemployed.” We believe that the Arlington address given on Taylor’s C5 form must be her second home in the Beltway because Cummings is running for re-election to the Vermont State Senate. She seems very employed (she’s paid $707.36 per week).

Megan Hull – who gave twice to Taylor ($180 each time) – is a leftwing activist and “left of center advocacy philanthropist, who regularly donates to Democratic candidates and left-progressive causes” (see below). She got her money from her father, who founded the Hull Family Foundation.” Hull donates hundreds of thousands to extreme leftwing candidates each year.

Dominick Mach of Brooklyn also gave to Taylor’s campaign. He’s another LGBTQ+ activist and along with his ‘husband’ seem intensely interested in flipping Republican seats in New York State (see below).

Mach works for Avaaz, an environmental advocacy organization whose website includes headings in Russian, Chinese, and Arabic. Why is he supporting a Montana candidate in Great Falls?

Austin Naughton also gave generously to Taylor’s campaign. He’s a Democrat staffer in Washington D.C. and works to flip deep-red districts across the country. His twitter profile shows that he is also an LGBTQYILDKJG+ activist and environmental activist (see below).

Katherin Schubart of Vermont was also listed by “unemployed” by Taylor. But according to public documents and campaign finance filings in the Granite State, she is a writer and editor and a regular contributor to Democratic causes in Vermont (see below).

Montana voters should rightly be concerned that so much outside money – all from party operatives – are trying so desperately to affect Montana elections from afar. Not having private sector experience seems to make candidates especially reliant upon out-of-state donors to finance their campaigns.


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