ND Farmer Plows ‘Biden-Harris’ Into His Field. It’s a Soy Field.


Conservatives are having a good chuckle about a North Dakota farmer who plowed ‘Biden-Harris’ into his field today. An arerial shot was posted in his social media and sent to the press. It’s not funny that a North Dakota farmer would support the Biden-Harris ticket. The funny part, at least to conservatives, is what kind of field was used as the canvas for this artwork.

It was a soy field.

According to news sources, ‘Peter Larson plowed huge messages into his soybean fields, one supporting the Biden-Harris campaign and another supporting Democrats Shelley Lenz for governor and Ben Vig for lieutenant governor.” Larson’s wife, Patti, and daughter, Sandra, went up into an airplane and photographed the fields before disseminating the photos which soon gained widespread attention yesterday.

It’s almost like the Democrat was trolling himself, and Republicans are having a *ahem* field day over it.

For years, Republicans have used soy as a disparaging remark toward liberals, referring to them as “tofu-eaters” or “soy-boys.” Usually, the relationship between the “soy insult” and liberals is in reference to their insufferable fragility or “snowflake-ism” that makes them outraged at anything that lacks political correctness.

Vice Magazine even went so far as to explain why soy has come to exemplify a certain pathetic-kind of liberalism. The soy insult is largely due to the caricature of limousine liberals in cities eating tofu because they’re averse to meat-eating, as well as the fact that soy contains phytoestrogens that can cause men to develop breasts and suffer emotional instability. It also reduces testosterone and sperm count.

Sometimes, Democrats seem to lack self-awareness.


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