Montana Group Offering Free Writer’s Training to Conservative Bloggers, Journalists, Activists


The Wrecking Ball Course will be offered nationwide, for conservative-minded writers, bloggers, and journalists. Taught by Jordan ‘JD’ Hall, the course is oriented to training people to engage in the “polemical-style” journalism he created during his career in Christian media. Hall’s research and work has been cited in almost every major media publication and “legacy press” outlet in the United States, as well as internationally in places like the UK Daily Mail or the South China Morning Post. He has also broken several of the largest one-day news stories in the world on multiple occasions. His style of writing is characterized by a highly-effective rapid-style research and communication media method that will, more times than not, beat the mainstream media to the punch and help shape the narrative of the news before liberal outlets can monopolize the story.

The course, which is taught for $395, is in high demand (this is what non-Montanans will pay). Only 2% of bloggers make a living at it, only 1% make more than six figures, and only 1% get quoted in the mainstream media. Hall’s publishing organization all three of these things for years, and he’s done so in a tiny niche market – conservative and Christian news reporting.

However, Hall also happens to be a Montanan and is the president of the Gideon Knox Group, an organization that teaches faith-based activism, coaches conservative media, and consults political and civil leaders in ideological bravery. Gideon Knox Group is the publishing org for Montana Daily Gazette, and is offering the training for free to Montana conservatives.

The four-hour course will cover polemical writing, fact-checking big sources, rapid research methodology, navigating social media censorship, and getting published in the mainstream media. Dozens of writers who have been trained by Hall have written articles with more than one-hundred-thousand Facebook shares, some with over one-million.

More apt students to the training may be selected for field correspondence to the Montana Daily Gazette. Others will go their own way and succeed in the realm of alternative media, helping to push back the influence of liberal Montana legacy press publications.

To sign up for the training, click here for the conference website and online registration. For a special discount code (Montana conservatives only) please email your request to


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