Headlines #1 Campaign Prediction Org Gives Bullock Only 31% Chance...

#1 Campaign Prediction Org Gives Bullock Only 31% Chance of Winning


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Five-Thirty-Eight and its founder, Nate Silver, are largely heralded as the most accurate election prediction organization in the United States. Trump’s victory in 2016 challenged some of that conventional wisdom, but Silver and his predictions are still largely considered the best. And according to Five-Thirty-Eight, Bullock’s chances are only 31 in 100.

The website just reported…

“Between Alaska, Kansas and Montana, this is the race where Democrats probably have the best chance of pulling off an upset. That’s true for two reasons. First, Montana is not that Republican-leaning. Barack Obama and his campaign tried hard to win Montana in 2008 and lost there by just about 2 points. Montanans reelected Democrat Jon Tester as the state’s other senator in 2018. And the state has had a Democratic governor since 2005 (Brian Schweitzer, then Steve Bullock).”

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They go on, “Second, Democrats have a strong candidate in the Senate race: Gov. Bullock. He has won statewide elections in Montana three times (once as attorney general and twice as governor). It’s likely that Bullock would be the favorite here if this were an open seat.”

And finally, “Of course, it’s not an open seat. Bullock is challenging incumbent Sen. Steve Daines, who has voted nearly in lockstep with Trump and hasn’t had any major controversies over the past four years. So, the most likely scenario here is that Trump wins the state and that essentially everyone who votes for Trump also supports Daines, lifting the incumbent to victory. On the other hand, if it’s a particularly good night for Democrats, Montana’s Senate seat is one of the likelier reach seats that could come along for the ride.”

They rank his odds 31-100. See below.


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