Headlines Filings Show Margaret Gorski Paying Soros Organization to Get...

Filings Show Margaret Gorski Paying Soros Organization to Get Donations In Montana Senate Race


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Donations to Margaret Gorski’s campaign are curious, to say the least. The Democrat challenger to Montana conservative firebrand, Theresa Manzella, has noted pay-out expenditures to an organization called Act Blue. An investigation into the organization reveals that it is heavily funded by Democrat financier, George Soros. Why are they meddling in our elections? Here are the facts.

Margaret Gorski’s campaign expenditures show repeated spending to Act Blue in exchange for campaign donations sent through the platform (see below).

What is Act Blue? Act Blue has existed since 2004 and exists to help Democrats raise money outside of hteir district. Donors can get online and give through the organization, which is listed as a “PAC” and is considered a “PAC-SuperPAC” hybrid. It exists to help Democrats fund their campaigns more easily from people they don’t know, essentially laundering money from activists to campaigners.

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In total, Act Blue has given a whopping 2.469 billion dollars to Democrats this election cycle (see below from OpenSecrets.Org).

Who else uses ActBlue to funnel their campaign cash? According to Mother Jones, candidates that partner with ActBlue are exclusively anti-gun progressives and include Beto O’Rourke (who promised “hell yes, we are coming for your AR-15”), Bernie Sanders, and Joe Biden.

Republicans have been trying to sound the alarm about Act Blue, with Rep. Dave Bratt (R-VA) saying, “Please go research these groups—they are trying to buy this election” and Rep. Pete Olson (R-TX) saying, “You can find out where it came from, but you have to work hard to find out who gave that money. Now, I guarantee you a lot of that money isn’t coming through legally.”

Democrats have shrugged it off as just another campaign contribution solution. But the funding of Act Blue is simply nefarious. It was funded by George Soros and other mega-rich liberals.

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Besides Soros, other donors include a director of Google (Adam Freed), Andy Rappaport, American Association for Justice (a social justice group also funded by Soros), and the AFL-CIO. Act Blue is also in partnership with IFG Action Fund, a Soros-funded group designed to counter-balance the conservative giving of the Koch Brothers. It is also in partnership with the Democracy Alliance, another Soros front group.

Meanwhile, the leftwing website Politifact has vigorously (and fallaciously) defended Act Blue from its close association with Soros. They argue that Soros only “gives through Act Blue, not to Act Blue.” However, their assertion is inaccurate. USA Today – hardly a leftwing resource – disputes this narrative and indeed links Soros with Act Blue. Other Democrat “fact-checkers” like Media Matters also dispute the charge.

Both RedState and Daily Kos have reported Act Blue is tied to and funded by George Soros. The Gateway Pundit has also acknowledged that Act Blue is a funding arm of George Soros and tied directly to the funding of Black Lives Matter in the days following the George Floyd shooting.

Margaret Gorski is literally paying Act Blue to get donations from leftwing donors, as her own campaign filings show. The question is why leftwing activists as far away as Washington, D.C. are so interested in seeing Theresa Manzella defeated that they’re partnering with her SD44 opponent.

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