Montana Democrats Bracing for Inevitable Loss of Governor’s Race


It simply doesn’t look like there is a likely path forward for Mike Cooney (D) in Montana’s gubernatorial election. Polls were off by 8-10 points in 2016 for Montana races, and it’s likely they’re off another 8-10 points in 2020. But that doesn’t favor Democrats; the polling trend demonstrates that Montana’s Republican voters are substantially under-polled. The latest polls from the Big Sky State show ostensibly tight races for U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate, but it appears that Greg Gianforte will not have a hard time ascending to the governor’s office.

Emerson Polling – which is one of the few polling organizations that correctly called Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 – says that Gianforte is 13 points ahead of Cooney, Montana’s Lt. General, and Steve Bullock’s hand-selected replacement candidate. The Montana Daily Gazette believes the poll might be 2-3 points low for Gianforte.

Likewise, the Montana State University poll, which strongly favors Democrats and over-represents them in polling, shows Gianforte with a 5-point lead, with the figure remaining 47% to 42% with 7% undecided. Either way, it seems like Cooney’s goose is cooked. Overcoming this disparity seems insurmountable, with only weeks to go until election day.

The leftist Montana junk-blog, the Montana Post, lamented the inevitability of Gianforte’s win on their website. The post, Greg Gianforte Will be Montana’s Next Governor, states the fact plainly; Cooney doesn’t stand a chance on Earth.

Helena public school system Commintern, Don Pogreba, writes, “[Gianforte is] leading by a few points in almost every recent poll, his lead fueled by another massive infusion of his own money into his campaign and abetted by a press that seems unwilling to confront just how extremist he is.”

Pogreba followed up his prediction with a few pleas to somehow help Cooney pull off the impossible. Among Pogreba’s suggestions were for Democrats to let their friends know that Greg Gianforte’s religion believes the world was created by God according to the Bible.

Yes, yes that’s the ticket. Putting religious bigotry on parade will certainly slide Cooney right into the Governor’s Mansion.

Watching the liberal meltdown over a Republican finally being back in the governor’s office is entertaining to say the least.


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