Montana Gazette State House and Senate Endorsements


Endorsements from the Montana Daily Gazette are taken very seriously, as would be expected from any statewide news source. In keeping with the values of our publication, we offer the following endorsements for Montana House and Senate races in the general election, taking place November 3.

Endorsements are given based upon the following:

  • Consideration of the candidate’s stance on limited government
  • Consideration of the candidate’s stances on issues relating to the First Amendment, in particular the Freedom of the Press, Freedom of Assembly, and Freedom of Religion
  • Consideration of the candidate’s stances on gun rights issues, which are important to most Montanans
  • Consideration of the candidate’s personal character and qualifications

The Montana Daily Gazette endorses the following candidates in the general election.


HD01 – Steve Gunderson (R)

HD02 – Neil Duram (R)

HD03 – Braxton Mitchell (R)

HD04 – Matt Regier (R)

HD05 – Catherine Owens (R)

HD06 – Amy Regier (R)

HD07 – Nicholas Ramlow (L)

HD08 – John Fuller (R)

HD10 – Mark Noland (R)

HD11 – Derek Skees (R)

HD12 – Linda Reksten (R)

HD13 – Paul Fielder (R)

HD22 – Lola Sheldon-Galloway (R)

HD23 – Scott Kerns (R)

HD24 – Steve Galloway (R)

HD25 – Steve Gist (R)

HD26 – Jeremy Trebas (R)

HD27 – Joshua Kassmier (R)

HD28 – Ed Hill (R)

HD29 – Dan Bartel (R)

HD30 – Wylie Galt (R)

HD33 – Casey Knudsen (R)

HD34 – Rhonda Knudsen (R)

HD35 – Brandon Ler (R)

HD36 – Bob Phalen (R)

HD37 – Jerry Schillinger (R)

HD40 – Barry Usher (R)

HD43 – Kerri Seekins-Crowe (R)

HD44 – Larry Brewster (R)

HD45 – Katie Zolnikov (R)

HD46 – Bill Mercer (R)

HD47 – TJ Smith (R)

HD48 – Leigh Verrill-Rhys (R)

HD49 – Colin Nygaard (R)

HD50 – Mallerie Stromswold (R)

HD51 – Frank Fleming (R)

HD52 – Jimmy Patelis (R)

HD53 – Dennis Lenz (R)

HD54 – Terry Moore (R)

HD55 – Vince Ricci (R)

HD56 – Sue Vinton (R)

HD57 – Fiona Nave (R)

HD58 – Seth Berglee (R)

HD62 – Francis Wendt (L)

HD64 – Doug Campbell (L)

HD65 – Jolene Crum (R)

HD67 – Jedediah Hinkle (R)

HD68 – Caleb Hinkle (R)

HD69 – Jennifer Carlson (R)

HD73 – Marjory McCaffery (R)

HD74 – Jim Kephart (R)

HD76 – Andy Johnson (R)

HD77 – Heather Blom (R)

HD79 – Dennison Rivera (R)

HD80 – Becky Beard (R)

HD81 – Bob Leach (R)

HD82 – Debbie Westlake (R)

HD83 – Darin Gaub (R)

HD84 – Charlie Hull (R)

HD85 – Michele Binkley (R)

HD87 – Ron Marshall (R)

HD94 – Karen Sherman (R)

HD95 – Rebecca Dawson (R)

HD97 – Brad Tschida (R)

HD98 – Richard Armerding (L)


SD02 – Carl Glimm (R)

SD03 – Keith Regier (R)

SD06 – Greg Hertz (R)

SD07 – Bob Brown (R)

SD18 – Steve Hinebauch (R)

SD23 – Tom McGillvray (R)

SD25 – Scott Price (R)

SD26 – Chris Friedel (R)

SD28 – Brad Molnar (R)

SD31 – Joshua-Luke O’Connor (L)

SD36 – John Lamb (L)

SD37 – Aaron Meaders (R)

SD38 – Jim Buterbaugh (R)

SD44 – Theresa Manzella (R)

SD47 – Devin Braaten (L)


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