Headlines It Looks Like Recreational Marijuana Will Become Legal in...

It Looks Like Recreational Marijuana Will Become Legal in Montana


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Nationwide, the fight over legalized pot is peculiar. A majority of Democrats, Independents, and Republicans support its legalization. However, the United States seems hell-bent on a national level to continue to War on Drugs when it comes to cannabis, despite its relative failure. Opposing marijuana use with federal anti-drug programs is an industry all to itself, and the deep-pocket funding sources against it are as powerful governmentally as there is for it. But in Montana, it appears that the fight over legalized pot is coming to a swift end on November 3.

According to the latest figures, a new Montana State University poll finds the state’s two marijuana legalization measures have a 10-point lead heading into the last two weeks of the election cycle.

Both CI-118 and I-190 are currently polling at 49% of approval and 39% disapproval. Montana Daily Gazette has repeatedly warned that statewide polling skews 6 to 8 points higher for Democrats than reality will show, but it’s not a foregone conclusion that Republicans will vote against this in higher margins than Democrats. Montana Republicans have a very strong libertarian streak, an ideology that usually supports drug legalization.

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With ten percent of voters undecided on the issue, it’s possible that the measure is defeated – especially if polling is as off as what we suspect. However, it’s not likely.

Montana might soon enjoy a boost to its local economy as those from neighboring states come to Big Sky Country to purchase their recreational marijuana (so long as they use it here and don’t travel back to their state with it…wink wink). However, the state will be bracing to see the long-term consequences of legalizing the drug upon our social safety nets.

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