Headlines Gov. Bullock Takes Break From Constant Mask Lectures to...

Gov. Bullock Takes Break From Constant Mask Lectures to Attend Game Without Mask


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Governor Steve Bullock makes 2-3 Facebook posts every day, lecturing Montanans to keep their masks on and avoid large gatherings. On frequent occasions, Bullock has angrily accused Montanans who do not follow his mask directives of spreading the virus (the statistics do not support this). Usually, Bullock follows up those finger-wagging sessions with a threat to close the state again if people don’t follow his orders.

For example…

Bullock recently took a brief break from his ongoing mask crusade to attend a large gathering without a mask. See the photo below.

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Bullock was reportedly at his daughter’s basketball game, and you can see people within six feet of him both behind and in front of him. This follows on the heels of another photo from several weeks ago in which Bullock’s wife and children were at a ballgame without a mask.

The photo was first posted by Jason Walker, who addressed on his talk show, The Jason Walker Show (you can hear his comments at the 43-minute mark of this episode). Watch below.

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