Headlines Nursing Home Residents Protest Lockdown: "We Would Rather Die...

Nursing Home Residents Protest Lockdown: “We Would Rather Die of COVID than Loneliness”


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What is the real death-toll of COVID-19? No, not the death toll that has been lied about on death certificates. No, not the death toll that represents a 6% death-rate of those who perish exclusively from COVID-19. No, not the death-toll that represents only .04% of those who contract the illness. No, not the death-toll that reflects less than .01 of the American populace.

Specifically, what is the real death toll of lives that have been lost due to the government’s response to COVID-19? What is the death toll of the medical community’s over-reaction to COVID-19?

Lockdowns are causing a spike in drug overdose deaths. Lockdowns are causing a spike in suicides. Lockdowns are causing a spike in deaths due to delayed medical procedures. The exact death toll from these unintended lockdown consequences is unknown, but it is likely to far surpass the 200 thousand deaths that are “reportedly” due to COVID-19.

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But there is one more group that has suffered more than almost any other in the Great Coronavirus Panic of 2020…the elderly.

With signs reading, “We would rather die of Covid-19 than loneliness,” more than 20 octogenarians – many of them in wheelchairs and almost all of them too feeble to stand, protested outside a Greeley, Colorado nursing facility.

Ben Gonzales, an assistant administrator at the facility, told a local news outlet, “They want to be able to hug their grandchildren, they want to be able to hold the hands of their loved ones.”

It turns out, the risk of dying due to loneliness is indeed a medical reality. Psychology Today issued a report that loneliness is as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Another paper, this one using the work from over 70 different scientific experiments that included a whopping three-million people, said just as much; loneliness is deadly, especially upon the elderly.

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Montana physician, Dr. Annie Bukacek, is notable for a number of reasons. But most recently, Dr. Bukacek was publicly vindicated for her early claims during the pandemic that death certificate data was being contorted to catastrophize the figures. It turns out, Bukacek was right all along.

Dr. Bukacek, however, knows the pain of losing someone from coronavirus. Or more specifically, she knows the pain of losing someone due to the government’s response to coronavirus.

Sadly, Dr. Bukacek acknowledged on her public Facebook page that her mother recently passed away in her care facility. In a letter penned to the Flathead County Health Board, Bukacek said, “The tragedy of my own parent’s lockdown story cuts deep. During the last seven months of my mother’s life, she was deprived of the company of her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and friends. The day of her death, my 93-year-old father, grieving the loss of his wife of 68 years, had to stay masked and six feet apart during a precious visit with his son, my brother who had just lost his mother.”

Dr. Bukacek’s activism – and that of others – has led to the Flathead County Health Board voting in a 5-3 decision to walkback draconian lockdown measures that would have limited approved public meeting size to 500. Additionally, they voted to remove an item from the agenda that would have tightened limits upon bar and restaurant occupancy rates.

Day by day, citizens are fighting for their lives and liberty against government bureaucrats and hysterical health professionals who seem unphased by their own trackrecord of failing in their coronavirus response. And sadly, some of those protesting are doing so from wheel chairs in the front lawn of nursing homes.

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