Stolen Yellowstone County Ballots Demonstrate Why You Should NOT Use Unsecured Mailbox (Especially if You Have a Trump Sign)


In large and bold blue font, the liberal Billings Gazette noted in the first sentence of their story on stolen ballots that these were only “acecdotal accounts.” They went on the portray a, “Nothing to see here, Citizen” attitude toward the election shenanigans. But you already knew the legacy press could not be trusted, which is why you’re reading the Montana Daily Gazette.

However, Rich Werbelow doesn’t feel as though it matters if his stolen ballots are “anecdotal.” The reality is, his ballots were stolen out of his mailbox and retrieved down the street out of the gutter, where someone had thrown them. His neighbor had thankfully saw the ballots after they had sat in the wet weather for some time, and brought them to Werbelow. He is reported as saying, “I’m absolutely going to walk them in. I’m not taking any chances at all.”

Werbelow had a Trump sign in his yard. Werbelow’s accounts don’t seem anecdotal, however, and instead, appear to by systemic.

Other reported cases of ballot theft include a voter who lives south of Rimrock Road in Midtown Billings who said her ballots were stolen Sunday evening or Monday morning (the U.S. Postal Service’s new app allows mail recipients to see what is out for delivery or in their mailbox already, without having to be present to physically open it up). Another resident near Monad Road said she put her completed ballot in her mailbox, but the ballot was stolen before her mail came.

The reality is, both political parties have your information. Both know your political contributions. Both have access to voter information data from firms they pay to collect as much information about you as posssible, including your political leanings. All it would take is one petty criminal to steal 1-2% of ballots (going under the radar of law-enforcement) with a voter-list handed him by a political party, to throw our elections.

Do not put your ballots into an unsecured mailbox. Take them directly into the courthour or – at the very least – directly to the post office.


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