Angry Feminists Do ‘Mock Arrest’ of Senator Steve Daines in Helena


With snow covering the ground, a couple of dozen women and a handful of men showed up in downtown Helena to march to Steve Daines’ office in a show of feminist force. The group was led by two men playing saxophones and serenaded by another man lesbian (publisher’s note: honest mistake), Judy Fjell, once they reached their destination. The women held signs that claim President Trump is a Russian asset, a “wanted poster” for Sen. Lindsay Graham, and signs extolling the virtues of the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg. At least one young man held a sign that reads, “I am a real man, so I chose feminism.” Unsurprisingly, his facemask was pink.

The women paused the march to hold a mock arrest of Republican officials, including Senator Steve Daines. They play-pretended that the Montana senator was being apprehended, arrested, and held for trial for crimes against the Earth and other liberal agenda items.

The Independent Record reports that an employee came out of Capital City Tire on Last Chance Gulch road and asked what they were protesting. One feminist in attendance told them, “Health care. Climate Change. Voting rights. What isn’t this about?”

Public Health Officer Drenda Niemann, who wanted to cite or arrest organizers of the conservative-led Freedom Concert, told the press that she had no problem with the liberal rally. Granted, there are differences between the two. The Freedom Concert had nearly 300 times more people, and the liberals at the Women’s March appear to have mostly been wearing COVID-19 masks as a part of their virtue-signaling efforts.

An 18-year-old female college student arose to the mic and recalled how terrible COVID-19 and recalled her own infection with the virus. She blamed Republicans for the spread of COVID-19 because they don’t wear masks. Of course, the student always wore a mask in public and still contracted the illness, but no one at the march seemed to recognize the irony.


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