Liberal ‘Billings Gazette’ Attacking Trump With Fake Fact-Checking


The Billings Gazette, like most of the legacy press in Montana, is in a death spiral. They’re being kicked off of the New York Stock Exchange for losing money and hurting their shareholders. They are laying off staff all over the country – including at the Billings Gazette and its other Montana newspaper. And excelerating that death spiral was the decision of the liberal Billings Gazette staffers to unionize in order to save their jobs (it will not work). Despite the Billings Gazette losing readers to their fake news source, they have continued the trajectory of media bias in favor of Democrats.

In an article published today at the Billings newspaper, fact-checking Trump’s falsehoods on coronavirus, taxes, the Bidens and more, the publication attempted a typical and over-done liberal maneuver…”fact-checking” facts that they themselves don’t like. But a quick survey of the Billings Gazette’s “fact-checking” reveals they have all the journalistic integrity of Larry Flynt.

Originally written by the Associated Press and re-published at the Gazette, the article presents the Democratic talking points of subjective opinion and masquerades them as “facts.” Its authors, Hope Yen, Calvin Woodward, and Josh Boak are all Democrat activists who lend their expertise to regular excoriate Republicans in the liberal mainstream media. And for some reason, the Billings Gazette thinks their hack job against POTUS is journalism.

The statements from Trump that the Democrat-trio says are “lies” are the following:

Trump’s statement that the “corner is turning” on COVID-19.

Joe Biden wants to raise taxes.

America has the greatest economy ever.

Biden pressured the Ukraine to fire a prosecutor looking into his son’s business dealings.

Biden supports court-packing.

Trump said Biden and Harris didn’t wish him well in his own COVID-19 recovery.

Trump said there has been cases of his ballots being thrown in the trash.

In none of these instances did the AP authors whose article was published in the Billings Gazette take an ounce of consideration in being fair-and-balanced in their ‘fact-checking.’ Neither did they take context into consideration when checking these facts, especially as it pertained to comments given by President Trump.

Here is how the Montana Daily Gazette is going to deal with liberal media in Montana. We are raising an army of bloggers, journalists, writers, and activists who will dedicate themselves to an accurate reporting of the news. If you would like to be trained in effective news reporting and put the Billings Gazette and legacy press out of business, attend our Red Wave Montana writing course on October 24. You can find out more about it here.


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