Angry Montana Grandma Threatens to Tase People For Not Wearing Masks


An angry Montana grandmother from Eastern Montana’s community of Glendive threatened to tase people for not wearing masks on the Dawson County Health Department’s Facebook page. Karen Wallace is a Democrat, according to her Facebook page, and plans to vote for Joe Biden on or before November 3. And apparently, she’s really, really upset that people aren’t covering their face in public.

The Dawson County Health Department posted the daily figures for COVID-19 in the county on Tuesday, which showed 71 positive cases and 3 total deaths since the “pandemic” began. In the small town of Glendive, COVID-19 mortality has thus far appeared to be milder than the seasonal flu, which accounts for several times that number of deaths each year. Nonetheless, the community of Glendive – which is ordinarily very conservative – seems to have some strange, liberal ideas when it comes to COVID-19 response. Its health board briefly decreed a draconian mask order that was soon repealed. But the County Attorney was on record stating that mask violators could be fined or even arrested.

Wallace took to the thread underneath Dawson County’s COVID-19 stats and said, “So when can I take my taser to the grocery store & taze [sic] those still refusing to wear masks???”

Wallace is a Democrat, according to her Facebook page, and plans on voting for Joe Biden on or before November 3.

While Wallace went on to say she was joking after a man said he would “throat punch” her if she tased his girlfriend, who suffers from a breathing ailment, it’s no joking matter. Numerous acts of violence have been perpetrated upon those who are conscientious objectors to unconstitutional mask mandates. Many people hold the same position Dr. Anthony Fauci held on masks until Democrat governors started requiring them. Fauci, who is heading up the medical end of COVID-19 response for the Trump White House, said that masks were ineffective for stopping the virus on March 8. Watch him below.

Nonetheless, Governor Steve Bullock has continued to insist that mask-wearing is key to stopping the spread of COVID-19. Just on Facebook tonight, Bullock blamed Montanans who don’t wear masks for spreading the virus. Yet Bullock can be seen not wearing a mask to a public inside sporting event just last week.

To date, there is no in-depth communicability study to suggest that mask-wearing significantly affects COVID-19 spread that’s supported with any kind of empirical evidence. And yet, Governor Bullock’s continual blaming of COVID-19 on non-mask-wearers seems to be inciting the state’s liberals to violence. After all, if you believed someone was selfish, hateful, and murderous for not wearing a mask in public, wouldn’t you want some payback?

Apparently Mrs. Karen Wallace agrees. But each year, tasing causes about 50 deaths nationwide – or to put another way, 16 times more deadly than COVID-19 is in Glendive, Montana. It’s no laughing matter, especially considering that Eastern Montanans usually carry a firearm and would not appreciate being tased by an angry grandma who is convinced by mainstream media that masks are in some way personally virtuous.


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