Biden Promises to End Oil Industry, Costing Montana 29 Thousand Jobs


If Joe Biden has his way, he’ll end the oil industry in the United States. The former Vice President made the remarks during tonight’s last presidential debate before the November 3 election. But that decision by Biden would send Montana into a tail-spinning recession, cost tens of thousands of jobs, and gut the state budget by millions of dollars.

Watch below.

As you can see, Trump asked Biden directly if he would shut down the oil industry and Joe Biden said, “Yes. we would transition away from the oil industry.”

The oil industry funds 5.6% of the state budget. Thanks to petroleum production, the average wage in Montana for those in the industry are 2/3 higher than other industries in the state and have created 29 thousand jobs for Montanans.

The Montana Daily Gazette reached out to Montana Public Service Commissioner, Randy Pinocci, for his thoughts on the promise from Biden to cripple the state’s economy. Pinocci told the Gazette, “If the United States stops all oil production or transitions away from oil production within the United States, OPEC or other oil resources will skyrocket and we’ll be paying four and five dollars a gallon for gas.”

Pinocci continued, “When Biden was running against Bernie Sanders he embraced fracking and the oil industry. to win over Bernie Sanders supporters now that he’s running against Trump he will distance himself form that position and again abandon fracking and oil. Our price for a gallon of gas or diesel fuel is lower now than at any time during the Obama Biden administration. That will change if Biden wins the presidency and you will have to pay far, far more at the pump.


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