Payback: Montana DPHHS Kidnaps Grandkids of Republican DPHHS Critic


Child advocates across the country recognize Montana Department of Health and Human Services as among the worst in the nation for confiscating children, often without court orders or probable cause. Entire rallies have been held through the state for several years, with citizens protesting the heavy-handed actions of DPHHS for illegally taking parents from their children. One of those advocates demanding DPHHS child-confiscation reform is running for Montana House District 82. Her campaign’s tagline is, “Treasuring Family and Community” and she is an outspoken critic of DPHHS for stealing children from their parents without just cause.

Debbie Westlake isn’t alone in her concerns. Many Montana lawmakers have noted the epidemic of childhood confiscation that happens in far higher numbers here than in other surrounding states like Wyoming, Idaho, North Dakota, and South Dakota. In fact, Montana ranks per capita as the state with the second highest number of children being stolen from their parents, only behind West Virginia. More than 16 children out of 100 are stolen and never returned.

Westlake, in particular, has focused much of her campaign on ending the child-stealing tendencies of DPHHS and announced her candidacy while advocating against their human rights abuses. Rep. Randy Garcia warned in that very episode on Excellence in Voting Radio that DPHHS goes out of their way to punish their political opponents. And for Westlake, today was payback by DPHHS for criticizing their kidnapping policy.

Westlake’s sad saga, which includes DPHHS wrongfully stealing her child, landed the story at the prominent news network The Blaze, just last year. The story was surreal; Westlake was admitted and then released from the hospital when hospital workers notified DPHHS that there was something amiss. The state then stole Westlake’s 4-year-old son for no apparent reason. According to DPHHS later, they just wanted to make sure that Westlake had a backup plan for the child’s care in case she got sick again (so they stole him from a childcare facility while Westlake was recovering at home).

Westlake did nothing wrong. The health problems that landed her in the hospital was a routine and ordinary illness that many Americans face, not substance abuse or suicidal thoughts. It was a physical ailment. And yet, the judge terminated her parental rights and gave the child out for adoption to another set of parents. The miscarriage of justice made national news.

Now that Westlake is running for office to curb the draconian powers of Montana’s DPHHS, they have struck back, confiscating her grandchildren.

Westlake wrote on Facebook, “How do you shut down a conservative candidate who has been exposing corruption in Montana? Weaponize CPS against them & take their grandbabies!”

According to Westlake, her daughter and grandchildren came back to Montana recently from the state of New York and moved in with the candidate, who happily made room for her family. However, DPHHS took exception with the children living with Westlake because her son (previously mentioned) was stolen from her. This alone was the reason for their insistence that Westlake’s daughter move in to a homeless shelter rather than live with her mother.

With no choice but to go to the homeless shelter or lose her children, Westlake complied with their terrible orders. But when Westlake’s daughter decided to stay at a hotel one evening for nicer accomodations, she was denied access to the homeless shelter and they would not let her take her belongings. In fact, they would not even let her take her daughter’s medicine, which had remained there.

Westlake reports, “We have been endlessly harassed by CPS, the police have been at my door for unfounded reasons & the kids are TERRIFIED! We even spent one night all camped in the living room with me on the floor in front of the door like a dog on guard because we just don’t know what they are capable of at this point.”

She continued, “[My daughter] has no substance issues, has never once hurt these kids & loves them immensely. Like so many other families out there, they need a hand up not a kick in the teeth while down. There was never an offer of any kind of respite care by CPS and following their instructions led straight to the removal of the kids, which was their mission all along in my opinion.”

You can see a video of the kidnapping here.

Westlake has also been very instrumental in researching the waste, fraud, and cover-up of Montana’s governor, Steve Bullock. Her work has exposed Bullock repeatedly for giving millions of state tax dollars to his wife’s company and his brother’s company and we have cited her research here at the Gazette.

Earlier today, Bullock attempted to close down a business owned by prominent Republican, Ray Thompson, using his unconstitutional mask mandate. It seems that Democrats are out for blood and completely willing to shut down Republican businesses and steal the children of Republican candidates to win their election on November 3.


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