Disgusting Germ Bubbles Used By Bozeman Coffee Shop to “Protect Your Health”


What’s more disgusting that breathing your own facial exhaust? The Tree Line Coffee Shop in Bozeman has discovered a way to suffer an even nastier experience. You can drink coffee while in an enclosed germ bubble.

Thanks to the superstitious, if not a downright magical presumption that says you can’t transfer the COVID-19 virus so long as you’re sitting down over food and beverage, some Montanans enjoy a false sense of security when it comes to virus mitigation.

Despite there being no empirical or statistical data that demonstrates masks help prevent COVID-19, it hasn’t stopped catastrophizing “health experts” state repeatedly as though it were anything but a novel theory, that facial masks prevent COVID. In reality, most people who contract COVID-19 regularly wear masks in public (please note that the CDC, whose website is linked above, regularly “corrects” articles that contradict the narrative of government-funded professional catastrophizers). In fact, the CDC reports that nearly 3 in 4 who contract COVID-19 wear masks regularly.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, for example, warned people not to wear masks because they do no good whatsoever in stopping the virus from being contracted (watch here). But at a certain point, as we discovered that the claim of 2 million projected deaths would only turn into 1/10th of that figure, and politicians needed people to be visually reminded there was something to be afraid of. As it became increasingly apparent that COVID was far less deadly than most thought, masks became increasingly demanded.

A long list of absurd, counter-productive, silly measures have been put into place to mitigate the supposed danger of COVID-19. Making people stand six feet behind others (but shoulder-to-shoulder next to people), the belief that COVID-19 is somehow more contagious in church than in the grocery store, or making kids wear masks in the hallway but not at their desks, are all a part of the silly, unscientific, and flatly absurd ways that science-deniers have tried to force the public to act “responsibly.”

But the Tree Line Coffee Shop in Bozeman may have just jumped the shark in COVID-19 hysteria. Now, their patrons are forced to drink coffee in disgusting germ bubbles with their friends seeking their daily dose of glorious caffeinated refreshment. See the photo above.

Health experts say this is the opposite of what should be done to prevent COVID-19 community spread.

One health specialist says, “The virus can build up to infective doses in indoor air if there is not good air circulation. With good air circulation, old indoor air is frequently replaces by new outdoor air. The old indoor air is sent outside, where any concentration of the virus is quicly diluted to a much safer level.”

They write, “For spaces with windows, open the windows, especially when people are in the space. Open outdoor air dampers as much as possible to get outdoor air into the building. Check to make sure all exhausts are working. Many of the exhausts are in the restrooms. This is an easy check: hold a piece of toilet tissue paper to the exhaust. If it DOESN’T pull onto the exhaust’s surface, then the exhaust isn’t working. Turn thermostat settings to the “ON” position to have air moving through the system and filter at all times.”

As with masks, it is likely that one day we will all look back at the insanely outrageous things we did to prevent COVID-19 and discover that, in fact, we made it exponentially worse.


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