In Expletive-Filled Rant, Feminist Says Gianforte is Unqualified Because He’s a Christian


If you’re one of those Montanans who happen to be clinging to your guns and religion – to quote Barack Obama circa 2008 – Montana’s Democrats want you to know that they despise you. In fact, according to the top Democrat Montana junk-blog, The Montana Post, holding to Christian beliefs even disqualifies you from office.

The article, which contains a “parental explicit advisory” because the angry feminist who wrote it couldn’t be bothered to watch her filthy mouth, claims that Greg Gianforte is disqualified from serving as governor because – among other things – he believes in the Genesis account of creation. This is a common belief among Jews and Christians held for thousands of years that the Universe did not suddenly create itself ex nihilo through some kind of yet-observed spontaneous generation out of nothingness.

The belief itself is hardly controversial. And yet to Montana Democrats, who seem to despise Christians, it’s a disqualifying belief. Nevermind that the liberals at Montana Post have little problem with several Muslim members of “the Squad” who believe even more fanciful things from the Quran, including the notion that Allah has 72 virgins awaiting whatever Jihadi happens to blow up infidels.

How Democrats can call Republicans “anti-science” when they think men can become women by nothing but their imaginations, that babies are humans, or that cow flatulence will cause icebergs to melt is anybody’s guess.

The pseudonymous “Plains Feminist” gave a long list of people that Gianforte supposedly hates, including “scientists” because he believes “that the world is less than 6 thousand years old.” That belief, called Young Earth Creationism, is a common one among most Protestant evangelical Christians, including professionals in nearly every scientific field including physicians, physicists, and even astronauts. But apparently, if a gubernatorial candidate believes that he’s suddenly anti-science.

The foul-mouthed woman who dripped scatological language throughout her article alleged that Greg Gianforte must have “bought” his endorsement by the Billings Gazette newspaper. She did not mention that his opponent, Mike Cooney, has spent roughly the same amount of money as Gianforte and has been the beneficiary of far more outside dark money.

But to anti-religious bigots, it turns out the facts don’t matter as much as the emotions that drive their innate bigotry.


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