ActivismPro-Freedom / Anti-Lockdown Tour Coming to a Montana Town...

Pro-Freedom / Anti-Lockdown Tour Coming to a Montana Town Near YOU


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Who’s going to stand up for Montana’s rights when unconstitutional orders are given that restrict our personal libertities? Who will help stop Governor Bullock from running roughshod over our inalienable rights?

Well, the Freedom Protection Project is trying to do just that.

The organization’s website says, “The Freedom Protection Project exists to preserve and protect the Constitutional rights of all citizens, regardless of political affiliation. The Constitution of the United States of America, created by our Founding Fathers so many years ago, guarantees the freedom and liberty we celebrate as Americans.”

The site continues, “Our fight is against big government, which has forgotten about We The People, essentially trampling the founding documents that made the United States of America great.  We endeavor to protect the inalienable rights of individuals as well as small businesses, which are the heartbeat of America.   We desire for all Americans to live lives free from fear, intimidation, overreach and tyranny imposed by those who are meant to protect our freedoms.”

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You can see a video from the group below.

Event stops include:

Helena tonight (October 27) 5:30 pm at the Montana Capitol Building

Kalispell tomorrow (October 28) 10 am at Sykes Diner

Lewistown tomorrow (October 28) – TBD,

Glendive tomorrow (October 28) 2:30 pm at 1902 Merrill Ave


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