Montana CPS Harassing Homeschool Families Who Don’t Mask-Up


By all appearances, it seems that Governor Bullock has weaponized his Department of Health and Human Services to harass the children of his political opponents. The Montana Daily Gazette covered the horrific tale of DPHHS stealing the grandchildren of Republican candidate, Debbie Westlake, whose platform is focused upon reforming CPS and whose tireless research exposed Bullock’s giving 6.6 million dollars to his wife’s company. The Montana Daily Gazette also reported on DPHHS harassing Republican donor, Ray Thompson, for alleged masking violations.

But in what might be the most tragic story yet, Heather Josephs and her husband, Russ Huck, of Harlowtown, Montana, are sounding the alarm bell as loudly as possible that DPHHS appears to have targeted their 15-year-old son on the grounds that they homeschool him (which for some inexplicable reason is ‘just cause’ to be harassed by the state agency). It just so happens that Josephs and Huck have been making a strong public stand against threats from DPHHS for their business’ alleged masking violations. From the data gathered, it seems that only the naive would think the timing to be purely coincidental.

Huck, who operates a repair business on his property, works alone. And after Governor Bullock demanded that businesses begin enforcing his unconstitutional masking mandate, Huck issued a statement on Facebook informing the public that he would not be wearing a mask and if customers were concerned for their safety, they could leave their broken machinery outside the shop where he would retreive it, fix it, and leave it for them to pick up.

According to Huck’s Facebook post, no one would be near his maskless presence without their consent and they could arrange to socially distance from him at their discretion.

But apparently, his gentle and meek statement of non-compliance earned him the scorn of Megan Spry, the Registered Sanitarian in Lewistown. Spry works for the Central Montana Health District, conducting inspections of businesses to make sure they’re up to code. Of course, Bullock’s mask order does not constitute a law of any kind, but like many (but not all) county sanitarians in Montana, Spry took it upon herself to enforce the draconian mask decree.

Claiming there were “anonymous complaints,” Spry left some heavy-handed threats in a voicemail for Huck (listen below).

“I would like to talk, with you about it, uh, because [the] mask mandate is, uh, not optional and uh, by order of the health officer we can shut you down if you refuse to comply.”

She continued, “So please give me a call back…and if I fail to hear from you I’ll keep calling or I’ll pay you a visit in person.”

Megan Spry, whose understanding of basic legal concepts is a testimony to the failure of the public school system.

Spry, who does not have an advanced degree of any kind – and apparently lacks a basic education in American Civics, told a local ABC News affiliate that Bullock’s mandate was in fact a “law” because “it is an order.” Upon her comment, millions of dead Americans who passed 5th grade civics rolled over in their graves.

Spry said, “Anybody that is not in compliance with that directive is in violation of the law essentially because they are in violation of a direct order. So, that’s what makes the mandate a law. That makes it enforceable by us, by law enforcement. And there are quite a few different things that can be enforced on top of the violation of a direct order from a health officer.”

In Spry’s brain, apparently, if someone somewhere orders something it mysteriously, magically, supernaturally becomes a law. Several hundreds of years of American jurisprudence disagree with Ms. Spry, as laws are passed by legislators (this video might help Spry avail herself of her ignorance). Not even Bullock himself has been so bold as to call his mask mandate a law, but he seems to have failed to communicate that point to dozens of little fascist health despots running around Montana thinking they are “law enforcement” because of a viral chest cold.

For example, the Montana Daily Gazette is hereby issuing a direct order to Megan Spry to take a G.E.D. class on American government. But that direct order is not a law.

Spry’s victims, Heather Josephs and Russ Huck, are slightly more educated when it comes to civics, however. They immediately called their county sheriff, who is also well-versed on the United States Constitution. Complaints were filed against Spry on numerous counts. These include violations of USC Title 18 Section 242, USC Title 18 Section 241, which include misrepresenting the law and intimidation and harassment. Reportedly, both the local sheriff and deputy county attorney were agreeable that Spry had overstepped her bounds.

Then, DPHHS came to visit the Josephs and Huck household, claiming that they were concerned for the well-being of their 15-year-son. The concern, according to the agent, was that their child was homeschooled.

Their son is registered with the County Superintendent of Schools, and Josephs goes above and beyond state requirements of reporting, indicating how the child spent every hour of education include course-work and receipts for online attendance in extended education programs. The family is very compliant regarding state laws for homeschooling.

Please note, a concern over homeschooling is the purview of the County Superintendent, and not Child Protective Services. And yet, it was CPS that visited the family to interrogate the couple and their child.

Upon completion of the interviews, the CPS agent claimed that he was concerned about the boy’s “protection.” He was vague and gave no description or specific concern whatsoever. The child told the CPS agent that he was loved, felt safe, and was happy.

Mrs. Josephs indicated that her son admitted to being emotional at times during the interview because he was frightened by the CPS agent was asking questions aggressively from behind a mask in the absence of his parents.

Since the interview, the family has reached out again to local law enforcement to protect them from CPS, DPHHS, and health officials who don’t understand how laws work. The family had a conference call with local officials who have pledged to protect them from Spry and Governor Bullock’s other bureaucratic henchmen.

It appears from all angles that DPHHS and CPS is working in tandem with Democrat masking advocates who desire to place non-maskers in a “pinch” through a rogue state agency that will do the dirty work of the Bullock administration. Sources close to the Gianforte campaign have assured the Montana Daily Gazette that reforming DPHHS and de-weaponizing it as a tool to punish lawful citizens will be a priority of the Gianforte administration when he is elected governor.


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