Yellowstone Co. Forcefully Removes Man From HS Football Game for Not Having Mask


According to Governor Bullock’s original mask mandate, law enforcement was to have only an “educational role” in enforcing his edict. But in Yellowstone County, it appears that education includes forcing Citizens away from high school football games held outside in the fresh air.

Steven James posted the footage of his harassment on Facebook earlier this evening, which was recorded for the sake of his own defense at a football game between Shepherd and White Hall, held in Shepherd. An overly-aggressive school official, Activities Director Rich Hash, approached James boldly with law enforcement in tow.

James had been asked once to put on a mask, but he wasn’t standing anywhere close to anyone. Nonetheless, when he refused to comply, Hash hastily asked an officer to help confront him.

Hash demanded, “You gotta have a mask on, on our property.”

James asked, “This is your property?”

Hash answered, “This is our property. The school district’s property.” James again clarified, “So this is public property.” Hash answered back, “No. It’s not.”

James tried to reason with Hash and asked who made the rules. Hash told him “The CDC and the health department,” who he later alleged were “elected officials” (which is inaccurate).

Eventually James asked, “Am I hurting somebody here?” Hash answered, “It doesn’t matter.”

The police then threatened to arrest him and handcuff him. Before the video was over, the police officer said, “This is private property.”

When James pointed out there were lots of people without masks inside the sporting grounds, the officer said, “Then I’ll go in there and start kicking people out.”

Welcome to Steve Bullock’s Montana. Watch here.


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