Big Tech is Attempting a Coup Against POTUS: Here’s How You Get Around Their Censorship


All-in. All hands on deck. If this isn’t fixed and fixed now, this will be Civil War 2: Electric Bugaloo.

Just as Donald Trump had shored up his re-election in the rustbelt states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania – for no publicized reason – the vote-counting suddenly stopped. It was not a subtle slow-down. The cessation wasn’t explicable, but inexplicable. About 1:30AM ET, and with everything trending in Trump’s favor, the brakes were slammed and they were slammed at the same moment across state lines in a coordinated fashion.

Then suddenly hours later, out of nowhere, more than a hundred thousand votes were “found” in at least three of these swing states with nearly zero – count them, zero – votes for Donald Trump. This is election-stealing on proportion with Chavez’ Venezuela and Putin’s Russia. Any international election-fairness body (and no, we should not have one of those) overlooking a third-world sh*%-hole nation would have already thrown a red flag on the field.

However, in an absurd fashion, Big Tech has tried to shove these facts down the memory hole at their Ministry of Truth in Menlo Park. If it weren’t an Olympus Has Fallen-style coup d’etat against the President of the United States it would be comical.

Using “Third Party Fact-Checkers” (bull-crap, they’re owned by Soros and everybody knows it even though they “fact-checked” that claim; who is fact-checking the fact-checkers?) Big Tech is manipulating search engine results to only show fact-checks of the hundreds of media outlets reporting the incidents of voter fraud. For example, Big Tech’s “fact-checkers” claim that the sudden dumping of 100k+ ballots for Biden was just a “typo.” Right, three times over? How many typos constitute voter fraud?

Search queries are drawn to the top of the Google algorithm by factors like web-rank, sites linking in, or keyword search. In a fair world, an outlet like FOX news (web rank 42) would be the first search result and an outlet like Polifact (web rank 1,452) would be on the second, third, or fourth page (in other words, it would practically *not exist* because nobody clicks the second page of Google).

What’s happening here is that Google CEO Sundar Pichai or another white-shirt is simply decreeing that the hundreds upon hundreds of press outlets reporting on the v0ter fr@ud shall *not* be heard, but the tiny, obscure “fact-checkers” will be heard.
Trump doesn’t have to beat Joe Biden. Trump has already beat Joe Biden. Trump needs to defeat Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

Big Tech is immediately shadow-banning, throttling, or full-frontal banning anyone – celebrity or not – who is reporting their first-hand accounts of voter fraud. This is not just Twitter deleting the tweets of POTUS – stifling the ability of the leader of the First World to communicate with his constituents – but this has been a total shutting-down of anyone and everyone, even and especially “regular” social media users who are blowing the whistle on what their own eyes have seen or own ears have heard.

Big Tech has claimed that videos showing conservative precincts in Arizona being given sharpies to fill out their ballots (thus disqualifying every single ballot) don’t really exist, and are deleting those videos taken by Citizens left and right.

In the plainest of possible terms, what we are experiencing is a revolt of treasonous proportions of Big Tech against Donald Trump, who has promised to use his re-election to call them to account for censorship, deceit, scandal, and election meddling. This is an attempt to unseat a duly elected president by a globalist Corporatocracy that has been helping nations like China censor their citizens for years.

But Big Tech is not alone. Big Media – including Fox News – has been a part of the coup. Fox News’ calling of Arizona for Biden was so premature that CNN, MSNBC, CBS, and ABC anchors were all visibly stunned. Even statistician, Nate Silver, expressed a guffaw as to why the state would be called so early on. Then, we learned that Arizona was the stop-gap measure for Trump; he had to have it if the coordinated voter fraud efforts were to be successful. Then, we learned that the percentage of counted votes in Arizona was off by more than 10 percent. How does Arizona’s county precincts and Secretary of State misreport counted votes by ten percent? How many percentage points of “oopsies” equals voter fraud?

This article will mark this publication for deletion by Big Tech. We’ll fall upon that sword and will work around them. It’s what our publishing group does. This is not the time for self-preservation, but the preservation of our Republic.

Here’s what you need to do to evade Big Tech censors.

First, be careful of how you speak in social media. Read this “meme” and read it carefully. Then share it. We are basically fighting a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence system that allows Big Tech to censor us without even having to read our Facebook posts – they are doing it automatically with AI.

In the meantime, please understand that everyone fighting the coup right now will eventually be blacklisted, blackballed, and banned from Big Tech platforms (and they’re dropping like flies right now). We should have known how this would go when the day started yesterday with Twitter preemptively banning David Icke (a notable pundit who has suggested COVID-19 is being used to “reset” society) and by Big Tech taking Bitchute offline (Bitchute provides a censorship-free alternative to YouTube).

Simply put, Big Tech will go the distance to shut down everyone eventually.

But for now, follow alternative media personalities Steve Deace, Matt Walsh, and Glenn Beck. These men – and others like them – seem to be going for broke and are willing to get vaporized by Big Tech for speaking the truth. Additionally, read and disseminate the press outlets that are reporting the systemic voter fraud, like this excellent article by The Federalist.

Finally, understand that this is their gameplan…through a mass misinformation campaign, Big Tech will lead people to think that POTUS is trying to unlawfully stop vote-counting or somehow intentionally hurt our Republic. Then, liberals and gullible conservatives alike will demand he shut down his efforts to determine who really won this election until all you can hear is a thunderous crescendo of Americans crying out that he do “the decent thing” and concede.

And to that gameplan, we consider Steve Deace’s response to be sufficient to characterize our own view…


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