Cascade Co. Dems Promise to Riot with Soros Organization if Trump Doesn’t Concede ASAP


The most liberal media outlets in the United States have yet to call key battleground states like Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Nevada. As almost everyone has been saying, it might take days or longer to determine a winner to the 2020 presidential election. And as media outlets are reporting, there is serious voter fraud in the states of Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Nonetheless, Cascade County Democrats are demanding that Trump concede immediately to “accept the results of the election” (note: no one knows what those results are yet). If not, the Cascade County Democrats will be joining a violent anarchist organization known as to march in the streets (see below). calls Donald Trump an “abomination” (see below) and is strategizing a city-by-city take-over of the United States to ensure that enough Democrat ballots are found to install Biden in place no matter what. The organization teaches the tenets of Cultural Marxism and Critical Race Theory, and specializes in Identity Politics. In fact, their website argues that even COVID-19 is racist.

Below is a map provided by of cell-groups inside Montana.

The organization is funded by none other the George Soros, which admits to on their website (see below).

The anarchist group has issued press releases condemning POTUS for using force against deadly rioters, while simultaneously advocating for the disarmament of law-abiding citizens.

Last night, Cascade County Democrats had their worst election night in memory (if not ever). They lost almost every ounce of representation in the county and it went deep, deep red.

Republican candidates Wendy McKamey, Fred Anderson, Ed Buttrey, and Lola Sheldon-Galloway won their races while Democratic candidates Barbara Bessette, Jasmine Krotkov, and Bradley Hamlett lost their races. Meanwhile, Republican candidate, Jeremy Trebas, also won his seat.

It seems that the Cascade County Democrats are out for blood after their humiliating defeats. Let’s pray they don’t find it.


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