Gallatin County Limits Gatherings to 25 People, Closes Businesses at 10 PM


Gallatin County, whose biggest city is Bozeman, has limited non-school, non-worship public gatherings, and non-youth gatherings to 25 people in order to mitigate the danger of COVID-19 spread.

Focused almost entirely on the catastrophizing figures of COVID-19 contagion, and ignoring the fact that the novel coronavirus is killing almost nobody (current figures put the death toll at .04%, which is roughly the equivalent of the seasonal flu), the Gallatin County health board claims the new limits will help stop the spread.

Apparently, COVID-19 can only spread at non-school and non-worship events of more than 25 adults, which is a relief to know. But in an age of hysteria and over-reaction, nobody can accuse “health experts” of rational thinking or logic.

Previously, the limit was 50 people.

Additionally, the Gallatin County health board has ordered bars and restaurants to close 2.5 hours than they were previous required. Again, perhaps they think COVID-19 is more contagious after 10PM, the new curfew.

Gallatin County Health Officer, Matt Kelley, told the press, “I think this puts us in somewhat of a better position…We now have businesses who are sacrificing again, and I hope we all take this seriously and make it matter for them by…driving down the case numbers.”

Sacrifices, by their very nature, are – of course – willing. These businesses, bars, and restaurants aren’t “sacrificing” for the community’s good. They’re being subjected to the decrees of an unelected bureaucracy that hasn’t the power to enforce their own orders.

There have been six deaths in Gallatin County of COVID-positive patients in the last 30 days. Most were in their 90s and 5 of the 6 were residents of nursing homes or on hospice.


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