Payback: Tweets of Trump Supporters Being Archived for Future Revenge


A liberal organization has admitted to archiving all of your pro-Trump tweets on Twitter for future payback. If it sounds like Orwell’s 1984, well…it’s just 2020.

The infamous Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the socialist Representative from New York, suggested on Twitter that people keep track of tweets from ‘Trump Sycophants’ in case they want to delete their opinions later. An organization calling itself the ‘Trump Accountability Project’ reached out to say they were doing exactly that.

The organization, which sure enough is real, is dedicated to doxing Trump supporters, volunteers, and employees for longterm political payback. Their ethos seems to be, “Remember What They Did.”

Notice that Michael Simon, who is verified on Twitter with a blue checkmark, says that they are archiving tweets. Spooky.

The organization is collecting and saving the data of those who voted or financially supported Donald Trump (see below).


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