Montana Post Admits to Conspiracy with MSM to Take Down Montana Daily Gazette


Don Pogreba, editor of The Montana Post, pens article admitting to a conspiracy with three other mainstream media outlets to “tackle” the Montana Daily Gazette

Things are looking pretty grim these days for most Montana Liberals, the fake declaration of Joe Biden as president notwithstanding. In fact, Montana liberals are so panicked that they have resorted to eating their own, while openly admitting conspiracy in the process.

The conspiracy between Montana’s Mainstream Media and the Helena School District’s resident Comintern, Don Pogreba, was recently discussed in a post at the liberal-leaning fake news site, Montana Post.

Pogreba lamented the influence of alternative media, and in particular the Montana Daily Gazette, in the Red Wave that Montana enjoyed last Tuesday evening. Claiming to have teamed up with three mainstream media outlets to “unmask” the owner of this publication (which would have been simple enough by clicking ‘About’ on this publication’s website), the trash-blogger claimed that he was working in tandem with the MSM publications who refused to “tackle” the information published here.

Pogreba wrote, “representatives from three Montana media outlets reached out to me on the same day asking me whether I would write about the site and its author because, in the words of one of the media folks, ‘we just can’t tackle that’.”

Imagine that for a moment. Three mainstream media outlets conspired with the de facto Democrat junk-blog to target an alternative news source. That’s good to know. And that also speaks volumes about why Montanans are turning away from MSM and toward the Montana Daily Gazette to get real news.

Most of the rest of Pogreba’s article was lamenting that MSM didn’t somehow try to stop this publication. One wonders how they would even try.

Nonetheless, Pogreba had a few other insights into the Democrat Party’s stunning loss. He blames COVID-19.

Pogreba wrote, I’m certain that Covid-19 played a more powerful role than I anticipated, though it was one of the factors that most worried me going into the election. The pandemic negated a traditional Democratic strength–the personal contact from door visits–that has been so essential for wins in statewide races in recent years.”

Of course, Republicans lived through the same ‘pandemic’ and not a single one of Pogreba’s dire predictions of GOP “super-spreader events” (which is how he referred to campaign stops) came true. If Pogreba had an ounce of influence in scaring Democrats from actually campaigning door-to-door this election season, it would seem that his insufferable catastrophizing about the dangers of COVID-19 probably had more to do with their astounding defeat than the Montana Daily Gazette.


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