Biden Website Shows Bold Gameplan to Strip Americans of their Guns


Joe Biden’s website contains detailed plans to strip Americans of their gun rights and it is more draconian than anyone could have imagined.

If for nothing else, Joe Biden’s full-frontal assault on gun rights is at least honest. The presidential candidate has advertized on his website what few Democrat candidates, save Beto O’Rourke, have had the courage to say. They are coming for your guns (and accessories, spare parts, magazines, and ammunition).

Biden’s website, on a sub-page entitled, “Joe Biden’s Plan to End Gun Violence,” explicitly tells gun-owning Americans what he plans to do to stop the supply of firearms to th American public. And the plan is bold.

Here’s a summary.

#1. Let gun manufacturers be sued whenever someone misuses a gun, bankrupting every gun manufacturer everywhere.

#2. Implement a Brady-Style Ban without the “loopholes” and ban the importation of semi-automatic sporting rifles (the kind you use to protect yourself from government tyranny).

Additionally, Biden also wants to limit “stockpiling” by limiting the amount of firearms you can purchase.

#3. Ban people guilty of misdemeanors from purchasing firearms.

Misdemeanors are almost always non-violent crimes, FYI. They usually come with no jail time.

#4. Keep you from purchasing guns or gun parts online (the latter is how 99.99% of gun parts are sold).

#5. Create a protocol for gun confiscation from private individuals.

#6. Require gun manufactures to only produce “smart guns” that link the firearm with an individual’s bio-data.

#7. Require you to lock up the guns in your home (no more nightstand firearms).

#8. Ban 3-D Printing

Informational super-hero, Julian Assange, claims that three things keep the world free – crypotography, paper or crypto-currency, and 3-D printing (this would allow citizens of 3rd World hell-hole dictatorships to defend themselves if if the firearms trade is banned there).

The thought of a Joe Biden presidency is D-Day for America’s gunowners. He is coming for us. The only question is if he’ll ascend to the Oval Office in light of widespread, systemic voter-fraud.

If you’re a Montana resident, consider supporting the Montana Shooting Sports Association here.


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