FACT CHECK: Claims that the Media Can Call the Presidential Election Have Been Rated False


Sorry, but the mainstream media’s insistence that it can call the presidential election have been rated false. Please stop sharing their premature claims that Joe Biden is the president-elect.

According to mainstream media outlets like CNN, FOX, MSNBC, and – most prominently – the Associated Press that Joe Biden is the president elect are patently false.

On election night, and the following day, the media repeatedly claimed that it could ‘call’ a presidential election for Joe Biden. But factually, in the realm of objective truth, this is inaccurate. The media realized this when the New York Times posted a tweet claiming that the media can call elections. The New York Times promptly deleted the tweet before the election results started coming in on the grounds that the claim was wildly inaccurate.

There is no truth to the claim that the media calls elections. The media can merely make projections, which as we have seen time and time again, they do with wild inaccuracies. There is no constitutional function, neither does any state or federal law, that gives the media the capacity to determine who is and who is not the president elect.

Election results in various states must be certified (the process for this is different from state to state) and then the electoral college must vote to determine the president elect.

Currently, the states of Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin have not been certified (along with a host of others) due to voter fraud, delayed vote counts, or injunctions and/or lawsuits alleging voter fraud. In other words, Joe Biden is not the “President Elect” in any factual way that accords with objective reality.

As The Federalist reports...

We must ask a basic and essential civics question: “Who officially declares who our next president is?”

Do the networks determine this? Our nation’s leading newspapers? The New York Times boldly claimed this very thing last Tuesday evening in a now-deleted tweet.

Or is it determined by candidates’ blustery assertions? According to long and well-established American law, when and how will we really know when and who the actual, legal president of the United States is?

The Constitution Calls the Election

The answer has been established since our country was. Even though this seems to be an unprecedented presidential election, the constitutional process for how we elect our executive leader remains the same and is clearly explained here by the National Archive and in this simple infographic from the U.S. government.

We are, and remain, a nation of careful, deliberative order and law. The media appears nowhere in any of these explanations, because they have no official role in that decision. They can’t really call the election because, as we will see, the election is still very much in process.

It is ironic that Joe Biden and the Democrats were very vocal about how the president could not nominate and the Senate confirm a new justice to the Supreme Court because “we in the process of an election.” Except we weren’t. The election process started on Election Day. And it continues from that starting point.

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