Op-Ed by Drew Zinecker: Make love, not war. Trump supporters hold a historic peace rally in Washington, DC.


Hundreds of thousands of people had descended on the nation’s capital to rally for peace. Representing every demographic, people from around the world came together as one world under God. Joined together in prayer, song, and mosh pits; they demonstrated their desire to reclaim liberty, free speech, and secure elections. Then, in a scene straight from a Beatles concert, Trump supporters screamed and ran toward President Trump’s motorcade as he drove by – hoping to get a look at the most beloved president since Abraham Lincoln.

While A-list political fundraisers make for great additions to your scrapbook, they pale in comparison to the experience had by the hundreds of thousands of people who packed the streets of our nation’s capital. On this particular Saturday, there was no finance committee whose members wrote 5 or 6 figure checks to cover the cost flying in a headliner, renting a ballroom at the Ritz Carlton, and catering the three-course meal. Instead of paying an extra $2,500 to be pushed and pulled in a photo line, senior citizens holding signs about prayer and farm boys in camo lined up to take selfies with a drag queen named Lady MAGA and rappers performing their own renditions of patriotic songs about the president.

My story was the same as many of the people I talked to. They, too, had decided to purchase a plane ticket or got in their car less than twenty-four hours before the march officially began. I spoke with some who could barely afford to get there – let alone afford a hotel – so they slept in their car or outside in the cold. All that mattered to them was that they showed President Trump they are behind him.

I was not surprised to see how many people were boarding the flight to Washington, DC to go to the Million MAGA March. Many had responded to event postings on Eventbrite. Even after Eventbrite continued to shut down event pages and sent notices to thousands that the event they had signed up for had been cancelled, they still came. Some came alone, some came with[DZ1]  others – almost none of them knowing what to expect – but they were pleasantly surprised. Afterall, this is a movement. However, not every story was that uplifting.

Local residents spoke of their fear of attending the day’s festivities because, if they were to be sighted by a coworker in a reporter’s camera shot, they would likely lose their job. Having lived in the capital, I remember never being able to wrap my head around the fact that one of the most oppressive places in the United States is Washington, DC. Despite living among the magnificent monuments and memorials which honor the general who led us to independence, one of the authors of the Declaration of Independence, the president who freed the slaves, and those who have died in battles defending our freedom – freedom of speech is not tolerated for the largest minority in the city: Republicans.

Reports of mass boarding up of buildings turned out to be false. One of the few buildings I saw boarded up was a single Starbucks – you know, the company whose stores once closed to conduct mandatory “diversity” training. In speaking with locals, I learned that more buildings had been previously boarded up, but not out of fear of Trump supporters. Instead, they were buttoned up in case the presidential race was called for Donald Trump on election night. Businesses of all sizes were concerned about democrat, not Republican, vandalism.

Even after living in the Seattle, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC metro areas, I had never seen a gathering as diverse as I saw that day. Among the sea of Trump flags were people who spoke different languages, women who had everything from big diamonds to tattooed wedding rings on their finger, Trump supporters holding large gay pride flags, Muslims and Jews standing side-by-side, and more ethnic minorities than I had ever seen on any given day when I lived in DC (Oh, and the My Pillow guy! I cannot forget him).

A staple of every Trump rally is the crowd chanting “CNN sucks,” but not on this day. Instead, I heard the massive crowd break out in a chant of “Fox News sucks” about a half dozen times. This was indicative of conservatives’ refusal to be controlled by the media and big tech who are working nonstop to steal this election – and our spirit.

While everyone I spoke with shared that sentiment, there was one thing that overpowered everything else: their love of America. To them, America means living in a country where you can dream big and anything is possible. None of us questioned the fact that President Trump has fights harder for religious freedom, our Right to bear arms, minorities of every kind, and the Rights of the unborn than any other president in our lifetime.



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