Washington Post Editorial Board: Abolish the Electoral Board – Let the Majority Rule Montana


The Washington Post, a thoroughly corrupted new organization that spends half its time either actively working to misrepresent conservatives and the other half ignoring them and any narrative that doesn’t fit their own, had their Editorial Board announce their belief that the Electoral College should be abolished, and that the majority should rule.

They’re not the first to call for it, of course. A host of other news organizations and 18 Democratic candidates in the 2020 election wanted to abolish it, including soon to be president Kamala Harris. They are simply another rung in the long line of progressives seeking to take away our votes and influence, writing that “The electoral college, whatever virtues it may have had for the Founding Fathers, is no longer tenable for American democracy.

Lest anyone think they are subtle about their motivations, this line from the article about why it should be nixed is about as brash as it gets:

“Additionally, electoral college math induces candidates to pay attention to voters in some small states who might otherwise be ignored.”

Oh no! God forbid that a candidate would pay attention to small states like Montana with our insignificant million people when they could just cater to the mega-pops like California or New York. We’re just a blip in the bigger picture – a bunch of inconsequential bumpkin worms ripe for a reckoning. But aggressive kneecapping is the name of the game in light of Trump almost winning, and the 70 million people who voted for him need to have their influence diminished and done away with.

The Post’s desire to have the power to elect the President rest solely in the hands of a few of the countries’ largest states and cities, radically diminishing our voice and influence, is what you’d expect from these tyrannical elites. On the bright side, we’d never see a Democrat politician again. On the downside, we’d be a passive absorber of every bad policy to come down the pike, giving up our sovereignty to every scumbag that San Franciso, San Jose, or San Diego cedes power to.

The Post editorial concludes “Small states already have disproportionate clout in our government because of the Senate, in which Wyoming’s fewer than 600,000 residents (Or Montana’s 1.3 Million) have as much representation as California’s 39.5 million.”

“Americans are not going to be satisfied with leaders who have been rejected by a majority of voters, and they’re right not to be. It’s time to let the majority rule.”

While the Post is free to prattle about their perverse power grab, there is a real threat that exists: the National Popular Vote compact (NPVC). This is a movement with the goal of having a state award all of its electoral votes to the presidential candidate who receives the most votes across the nation, not to the candidate who actually won the vote in that state. In other words, “states are agreeing to ignore what the majority of voters in their state decide when it comes to who they believe should be president.” In plainer words, Montana could vote 99% for the GOP, but the Dems would get all their electors anyway.

The NPVC has bite, too, and it is getting stronger. When enough of our backstabbing brethren join the compact and reach a majority of the electoral votes—270 out of 538—the compact kicks in. Just like that. It would automatically and for all intents and purposes kill the Electoral College and co-opt states who are vehemently against it into an electoral scheme they never approved or agreed to. You want decades of Democratic party rule? That’s how you get it.

Know how many are part of it? 16 states. 16 states representing 196 of the 270 electoral votes. They only need another 74 to gain a majority and trigger it into being. Colorado was the last state to join the fray, with the PVC enacted into law in 2019 by the legislature and Governor and approved by Colorado voters on November 3, 2020, and bills have passed several more legislatures and are in varying states of passage or hearing.

This is a threat, Montana. We just got a monstrous win in the elections and the Washington Post can go take a long walk off a short dock for all we care. It’s time to hold our politicians’ feet to the fire and do all we can to implode any notion that we’ll ever go along with this and bow the knee to the coasts as everyone else has done.


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