Op-Ed: Ed Butcher Highlights Impressive Senior Voting Turnout


As this election drama continues to unfold, it is exciting that in several states when voter rolls have reportedly been evaluated that there is an exceptional turnout of senior citizens—from their ages some are Civil War Veterans (that would make them over 160 years of age)…remarkable!  When you add in some Spanish American War veterans and of course a large contingent of WWI veterans, that makes some really patriot voters in those Democrat cities that have boosted Biden over the finish line—what a country!

Whether or not Trump wins, it is important to investigate reported voting irregularities.  Like the looting and burning which has been going on this past year, it is interesting that voting controversies seem to originate in Democrat Cities…however, as a former Democrat, this seems too partisan and I think we need to check out those Republican controlled states to be sure that the media is not ignoring potential voting irregularities in Republican run cities!

I am also concerned that Democrat cities need some help counting votes since it takes them up to three days after Election Day to count their ballots.  They might want to ask for help from states like Florida and Texas who were miraculously able to count all their ballots on Election Day.

Also, it appears that the school systems in Pennsylvania failed to properly educate their lawyers on the roles constitutionally reserved for the Legislature and the state supreme court.  The Pennsylvania Supreme Court members also need to learn to read the legislation passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor into law.  Pennsylvania voter laws clearly state that all ballots must be received by the day of the election—yet, the Court ruled that they can ignore state law and receive ballots up to three days past Election Day in violation to state law.  It sounds like this is a situation which needs to be reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court to explain how to follow the law!

Instances where state election officials have ruled that mail-in-ballot signatures don’t have to be verified and voters don’t have to provide identifications is troublesome. The reported incident of bundles of over a hundred thousand mail-in ballots arriving after Election Day with only Joe Biden’s name being voted appears suspicious and should maybe investigated although I am sure it is simply coincidental!

It is important to investigate reported voter questions because this goes beyond whether Trump or Biden wins since these reported “problems” need to be clarified for the benefit of future elections.  We have heard rumors of voting irregularities for decades and if we cannot have free and legal elections, we will lose our country!

Sen. Ed Butcher (Ret) is a Central Montana rancher/businessman and former college political history professor who served for 10 years in the Montana Senate and House representing Central Montana.


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